Hey friend! I’m Ashley !

Hi new friend!! I’m Ashley, and I’m passionate about working with message-driven female online entrepreneurs to build discoverable personal brands that generate the impact + income they were made for!

Although I loved my 13+ year career as a middle school Special Education Teacher turned School District Administrator, after having my daughter (Taylor), let me just tell you that EVERYTHING changed…

I realized I wanted to be 100% available for her, AND to a have an impactful career – the best of both worlds.

I found a way to hold my “baby” AND my ambition as a Mompreneur – building & showing others how to build multiple streams of income online through my exclusive Social Seller To CEO Academy™️ Framework!

I’ve been a Blogger (Taylor-mademama.com)/Influencer on social media for 6+ years. I went from legit ZERO to an engaged following of 50,000+ across my channels, and multiple six figures in online affiliate sales.

A year into building my brand online, I added social selling as a complementary asset and additional stream of income, and within two years became a top 2% leader – all while growing my personal brand and coaching/online course creation business.

How, you ask?

Building magnetice, message-driven + searchable influence through my exclusive Social Seller To C.E.O. Framework, and investing in personal development, mentorship + training !!! A lot of what I teach in my free Facebook Group and Podcast, so that the women I work with can build the same!

Here is what I currently offer as far as 1:1 Mentorship and Self-paced Courses:

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Get to know me



I’ve never met a french fry I didn’t like, but I mostly eat intuitively/boring food that makes me feel good!



I would be back in the field of Special Education, where I taught and was an administrator for over a decade! Or, randomly, maybe an interior designer – I love decorating my home!



I love rap. But my favorite band of all time is Modest Mouse. I’ve seen them live in 3 different countries!



My daughter, Taylor. She is the love of my life!


My Online Business Journey

When I started the first iteration of my personal brand back in 2016 while on maternity leave, I honestly had no idea that that endeavor could or would turn into a 6-figure business teaching other women how to start and scale their own monetized personal brands within 5 years.

It’s honestly pretty mind-blowing. And I’m super grateful.

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(I share my entire story in my fire FREE webinar, Automate Social Selling & Scale Impact + Income )

I’m so excited to open up and share my story with you.

A few years ago, success seemed out of reach – but I overcame some pretty darn large obstacles along the way in order to get where I am today!

It’s really important to me to share with you that it was NOT just a straight shot come-up to my first six-figure year, without challenges/fears/disappointments/failures/experiences and A LOT of hard work that got me to where I am today – now providing a path for my clients and I both, as we strive towards our BIG personal brand dreams together.


June 2016- Started my website/blog on maternity leave
I launched my first website (Taylor-mademama.com) while I was on maternity leave. I bootstrapped my way through learning all things website, email marketing, Pinterest, etc. during naptimes. I didn’t exactly understand the possibilities but it was super fun to learn ALL the things and start to see a few dollars trickle in from affiliate sales (mostly from Amazon at that time!).
It’s crazy to see income to this day STILL coming in from content I created 7 years ago, when I really didn’t know quite what I was doing  (like the post below!)!

All those daily efforts you make to build your personal brand WILL pay off – even if your next step doesn’t end up being your forever!
August 2016 – I went back to work
(Special Education Program Coordinator)

I legit cried on the way to work every darn morning for a month because I did not want to be away from my baby! I wasn’t anticipating ever NOT wanting to go back to the career I loved, so I didn’t have a Plan B…

Little did I realize that I actually HAD started my Plan B with this first side biz.

I steadfastly posted and promoted one high-quality, evergreen blog post per week to a target audince and continued to build my email list (to 5,000 the first year!) all while working 60-75 hours per week, pumping 3x a day in between meetings often in the car en route to the next, family life, and getting up at night with my nursing infant.

August 2016 – I landed my first paid collaboration

Ooo! Another stream of revenue through my personal brand! With the combination of affiliate product sales and taking on sponsored posting opportunities I was soon making $300-$1,000 per month through my website + Instagram side hustle.

July 2017- Partnered with a direct sales company

A fellow blogger I knew had partnered (as an affiliate, I thought at first) with a skincare and cosmetics company that I was already using products from (LipSense anyone?!). I joined her and she taught me how to build out sales funnels to market both the products and the affiliate opportunity. I was happy to add another stream of revenue to my brand but walked away from that venture 10 months later when I felt that it was no longer aligned for many reasons.

I was spending WAY too much time on this particular stream and despite being a top 2% producer, it just wasn’t worth the hamster wheel and what I was likely making per hour (I don’t want to calculate that!) distracting me from my ultimate goal – launching my own offers eventually!

September 2018 – I built out SEO-based sales funnels for a new affiliate product and opportunity.

My idea here was that I would build that revenue stream up to give myself a buffer of residual income to support my ultimate goal which was to begin a course creation and consulting business (like I have now!) teaching skills I learned and had success with in building and marketing a discoverable, profitable personal brand.

This is what played out, albeit YEARS sooner than I planned…

August 2019 – I started a free Facebook Community

Each week I went live to train on an element of personal brand building and monetization, as well as how to incorporate social selling into that – as many of my contacts dipped their toes into entrepreneurism through that industry yet were being taught outdated and frankly icky strategy for “marketing” their biz. Many asked me for advice and coaching outside of that group and I realized I needed to formally offer to teach my frameworks!

This group is currently over 2,300 members strong!

December 2019 – I took a course on live launching and hired my first business coach

I was really nervous to launch my coaching business even though I KNEW there was a need I could absolutely meet for my audience. I need someone to share my ideas with, and honestly hear her encouragement that I could in fact do this thing! I felt silly investing a lot of money when I hadn’t made a dime from coaching but I trusted in the time collapse of seeking wise counsel and “taking myself back to school” (which I do constantly!)

January 2020 – My first five-figure month

I launched my first brand offers:  Influence, Impact, and Income Academy, and 1:1 coaching to a Facebook group of 260 members
and it was a $15,000 launch!! I was blown away at how quickly that revenue stream was able to change my life and business.

This is my signature framework and has helped hundreds of clients to build and monetize their own discoverable personal brands. You can listen to the story of one of my clients in this episode of my podcast:

This course has iterated 8 times now and is re-branded as Social Seller To CEO Academy to include the most up-to-date best practices in marketing and all I’ve learned in my 7-year journey that WORKS.

October 2020 – MAJOR Life Change – Divorce

I can’t and won’t go into details for what I hope are obvious reasons, but suffice it to say that I was incredibly grateful that I was generating enough income at that time to cover all of my living expenses and more. I truly felt “covered” and it fueled my passion for teaching other women how to create personal brands with multiple revenue streams that can support their dreams, creativity, goals, and lifestyle if needed/desired!

2020 was my first almost 6-figure year ($97,000+), all revenue streams combined despite it being a terrible personal (and global – hello, Pandemic) year! I continue to be proud of, grateful for, and amazed by that.

There are few things stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself!

February 2021 – My first $45,000+ month

Details on this huge business milestone and the 5 key components that made it possible to scale almost 10X are in this episode from my podcast:

August 2021- Launch Failure

I continued to build my coaching business and brand – no longer with one hand behind my back, but definitely still growing through a challenging season of life. 2021 was the year I invested tens of thousands into life coaching and therapy, and it was THE key to my business success. And the happiness and contentment I now experience in my heart + life.

However, I changed a few things in my Influence, Impact, & Academy launch and only ONE PERSON signed up! Total “failure” yet I didn’t throw in the towel, in fact, I was excited for the opportunity to work 1:1 with this client (and guess what, a year later she signed a 20K contract with me for coaching!!). More in this podcast episode!

Also, in August 2021- I surpassed my former salary with my personal brand! 0 to 6 figures, holy moly I did it!

Failure AND success – you cannot separate these two. The important part is to build a Teflon mindset and learn how to react to failure as if it IS the key to success (because it always is!).

About a year and a half, after I launched my coaching business as another stream of revenue, I realized had replaced the $125,000 annual salary I left behind to stay at home with my daughter. With months left in the year to spare.

This was really important to me as it gave me peace and security that I could still continue to have the time and freedom to care for my daughter (and self) AND make a great living doing work I love as well. My daughter went to Kindergarten this same month, and I was so thankful I  didn’t have to “go back to work” as I feared for years.

December 2021 – I launched the Maverick Mompreneur Podcast!

We are currently 78 episodes in and adding to that body of work each week. I absolutely LOVE sharing, teaching, and marketing through this (new to my brand) platform now!

April 2022 – Launched Social Seller To CEO Academy + The SS2CEO 1:1 Experience

Started what would be my best program to date; a high-level, intimate mastermind for female entrepreneurs who see and desire a business similar to my own but in THEIR INDUSTRY & NICHE (I’m not a business coach who only coaches other business coaches – hello pyramid scheme lol) and an option for 1:1 customization for the entrepreneur with a unique business, looking for the highest level of support I now offer (Hybrid 1:1 Mentorship/Done With You).

That first launch filled up so quickly that I had to close enrollment an entire WEEK earlier than my launch plan!

Check out the program and get on the waitlist here —->

Well I, hope that sharing my story, including the flops, the confusion, the fear of investing, and of course, how I’ve dealt with major life changes and pivots helps you to realize that if you can see me do it – you can too.

There’s nothing extraordinary about me or my journey. I just made a decision to keep going and growing – no matter what – and I never stopped.

You’ve got this!