Today we’re gonna be talking about being multi-passionate and in alignment in your brand and business. We’ll look at what it means to be a multi passionate female, online entrepreneur, mompreneur or whatever term you wanna give yourself. At the very end, I’m gonna give you some prompts to reflect on and journal about to get some clarity. If you’re in a spot where you don’t feel like you can step on the proverbial gas in your business and go for it, this post is for you.

What does it mean to be multi-passionate?

Let’s get started with the definition of multi-passionate. The definition is having more than one passion, interest and/or talent. If you’re multi-passionate, pursuing one single thing doesn’t feel right for you. I’ve definitely been there and felt that struggle. There was difficulty in finding that clear path forward and knowing what I should pursue. There’s so many different things that can come up as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.
I want you to know that it is possible and there are ways to capitalize on it. If you’ve been able to move forward with one, several or all your passions while weaving them into your brand, that is awesome. I know there are some of you that haven’t been able to do that and you’re feeling stuck.
What if it’s that you just haven’t found alignment to feel like you can do that full court press on your one thing? What if it’s misalignment that’s holding you back? I like to think of it as you never have to give anything up, but you want to have your main act, right? Your backup dancers could be all the things that you like that are the flare for your brand. This season of your life and business you have got to move forward with your main act. If you’re trying to be everything to all people, your efforts are going to be diluted. You’re not going to get the forward progress you want.


Let’s talk about alignment. If you’ve ever had any kind of back problems, you know how important alignment can be. If you’ve got a vertebrae that’s out of alignment, you can sometimes keep moving, right? You can move, but man, it can be so dang uncomfortable. So you go into the chiropractor and get your alignment done. Then you feel relief. You can move forward with my daily activities and crush it in life again.
It slows you down when you’re out of alignment. When it comes to your back, sometimes you can get so out of alignment that you can’t move at all. I want you to think of your personal brand as your backbone. Each vertebrae is a piece that’s keeping you feeling in alignment. It shouldn’t feel hard. It shouldn’t feel like you’re held back.

Are You Out of Alignment?

Let’s talk about some things to think through that might not be in alignment. Some of these things might surprise you. The typical things we talk about when it comes to building a personal brand are brand content, pillars, target audience, brand name and tagline.

Alignment With Your Target Audience

One factor that is sometimes misaligned is your target audience. More specifically, it’s your ideal client avatar. It could be that your actual ideal client is not who you’re currently attracting. It’s not only who you want to work with, but who you’re meant to serve.
If you think about it, do you know your ideal client avatar? Do you know how to attract them? Are they in your world and seeing your content? Perhaps the way you’re able to get in front of them isn’t in alignment with the way you want to build. There are so many ways to build a business. You do not have to build a business in a way that feels out of alignment. Where’s the fun in that? I don’t see it.
Any time you’re out of alignment, you’re going to get exhausted in some way, shape or form. Let’s think about the back alignment issue again. If you have something out of alignment and never address it, your spine is more vulnerable to further injury. If there’s a factor in your business that’s out of alignment, there are all the kinds of ways it can manifest.

Alignment With Your Purpose

When it comes to alignment, you also need to factor in your purpose. What are you called to do? Most people don’t build a personal brand simply, because they wanna be making money online. There’s usually a purpose behind it. If you’re not using your gifts and talents, you’re almost drawing upon your weaknesses.
You’re able to get things done, but you’re not in a flow state, because you’re not using things that you’ve been gifted with to give to other people. I want you to think about the way you’re building your business. Are you utilizing your God-given gifts to serve, build, and grow as a person? Do you help pour into others in whatever niche you’re in, whoever your ideal client avatar is. Are you using those things? If you are I guarantee, building your business is gonna be so much more joyful, purposeful and ease filled.
The beautiful thing about building a personal brand is you get to dictate what it looks like from the beginning. You choose how many hours you want to work. Sometimes we get into online business and realize we’re out of alignment. That’s when it’s time to take a look around and see how you can get back into alignment?. There are many different ways you can monetize a personal brand and continue building your business.

Alignment With Core Values

Next, I wanna talk about your core values. Those are your highest commitments in life. Take some time and think about what those are. Building an online business means you would be making money to be able to support those things whether that means staying at home full time with your children or supporting organizations through charitable donations.
Maybe you’re helping other mamas be able to stay at home and make money by help other people do that. Your brand is a part of your calling. You’re not just giving money to support those organizations, maybe you are running one. Make sure that your highest commitments are somehow tied into your business. It’s going to give you so much purpose and passion to move forward.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I just want to give you the reminder that it is perfectly okay to build your life, brand and business outside of the typical box. You are a Maverick. You have your own trail to blaze and a very unique life that you can bring into your branded business to create massive impact. I’m excited for you!
Before we wrap it up, I want to let you know about the new course, the Align Your Brand Bootcamp, that is opening up on the 26th. It’s a 4 day, live group program. Then a Q&A with me. We are going to go over the basics of building a personal brand and business, but we’re also going to go over all of the X factors of alignment within your business and brand. It’s going be fire! It’s gonna be so amazing and game changing for you. I am so stoked to bring that to you and have been sitting on that announcement for a while. 
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