Today I am going to tell you why I decided to stop sponsoring affiliates in social selling and network marketing and what felt in alignment with me. The definition of an entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. When you join a network marketing company you are not becoming an entrepreneur and it’s not your business. 

No Wrong or Right

There’s no wrong or right way to build a business. There’s no wrong or right company or industry to be a part of or not. It really is up to you. If it’s not, and you feel out of alignment, don’t let your loyalty lead you to poverty. Usually, we hear that about loyalty between companies. Some people will stay with a company for far too long, even when they’re in decline and not making money, because they’re loyal to their team and company. Don’t let your loyalty to what you’ve been doing, lead you to poverty and not just financial poverty.

I know that can be a little bit harsh. People may have opinions about ways to go about things differently or, in their mind, better. Relying on the validation of others’ opinions on my life during a decision making process has gotten me into situations I never should have been in. I wonder if you can relate to that. Most people can, unless you were somehow born and/or raised with a keen sense of self and agency. I have learned all those things later in life, but they are invaluable. Let me jump back into alignment!

Pivoting Towards Alignment

It’s time to pivot when it’s no longer in alignment. You can do that even if that doesn’t make sense to anyone else. This could be in the way we move our body, in business, in a company, or in your brand. When you build something, especially in an emotional or mentally unhealthy place, and then you become whole and healthy, things are going to feel off. I’m glad that I started my own business, before I needed to, because of that very reason.

A Business that Sustains

When I did need to support myself financially, I could.I had already started building a business that could and will sustain me for the long term without worry about the efforts of other people. I support myself solely, and am now teaching women how to use SEO, build systems for automation and communication, and build courses and programs to create income, which can also include selling products. 

Just remember, indecision and choosing to not decide is deciding. The decision is to stay where you are and accept what you have. That’s a decision in and of itself.

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