Amare Happy Juice Review

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you searched (like I did)Amare Happy Juice review,” or “What Is Happy Juice?” or something along those lines.

This post is my short & sweet Amare Happy Juice review. I really wanted to document what I’ve been experiencing as I’ve been drinking Happy Juice now every day for a couple of weeks.

If you look on the company website you’ll see the following about Happy Juice:

Why You Need It

  • Boosts mood and motivation*
  • Provides overall health for the second brain, the gut*
  • Enhances mental performance*
  • Provides fuel for a highly productive day*

What It Is

  • Includes Amare’s three most popular and trusted mental wellness products: (1) MentaBiotics, (1) Energy+, (1) Amare EDGE
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients that are clinically validated to optimize neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA*

How It Works

  • MentaBiotics improves the gut-brain axis and optimizes mental wellness resilience*
  • Energy+ delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance, without the jitters or crash*
  • Amare EDGE provides all-natural nootropic that support motivation*

That all sounded GREAT to me, but there seem to be a lot of mental wellness drinks popping up so I’m not going to buy into the hype unless I experience something worth it.

Before I give you my brief Amare Happy Juice Review,

here’s a little bit of my relevant backstory if you’re new to me…

Almost two years ago – after becoming a top 2% producer –  I stepped away from leadership and team building in social selling because it was no longer aligned with my goals (read or listen to more about why in this article/podcast if interested!) and I wanted to pursue coaching full time.

Flash forward to now having a successful, full-time coaching business, plus being single mom + entrepreneur, that’s not something I have time for even if it were aligned.  I have no interest in promoting products (other than my own, of course!) to my audience unless it was very aligned to my ideal client and also just a regular affiliate program (like Amazon who I am also an affiliate for!). But, speaking of being a single mom and entrepreneur

It can get stressful having a lot on my shoulders (don’t we all!), and a very demanding work to-do list requiring A LOT of productivity and focus, so when I saw my long-time, trusted friend Rosie sharing about the benefits of this “Happy Juice” my interest was definitely piqued.

Rosie is someone that I trust implicitly, she and I are very similar in terms of having BIG goals and a ton of projects going all at once, annnnnnnd she said she had samples I could try as she suspected it’s something I would really love…

Funny story, she actually didn’t end up having the samples of what I wanted to try BUT (being the resourceful gal she is) discovered that Amare actually has an Affiliate Program you can apply to as an influencer with a certain size audience and other qualifications. If accepted, they send complimentary product to try (thank you Amare!!) with no strings attached. AKA you aren’t required to share it if you don’t want to and they eat the cost of product if you don’t (I think that’s pretty confident of them in their product, right?). And I also get a $10 off code to share with my readers and podcast listeners too (LATIMER10).

Needless to say, with literally nothing to lose and zero pressure to build a team (in the affiliate program you can’t even if you wanted to so if you end up trying Happy Juice through one of the links in this article yes I will receive a commision for my referral but NOOOOO I will never follow up with you about joining my team, etc. You’re safe with me & my links, I promise!).

So anyway, I applied to the affiliate program for influencers, got accepted and surprisingly quickly got my box of Happy Juice to try!

My Short & Sweet Amare Happy Juice Review:

Speaking of surprisingly quickly, I was NOT anticipating to feel the effects pretty much instantly.

Even then I waited, thinking about possibility of Placebo Effect, definitely did NOT say a word to Rosie (even though I know she knew I must be feeling what I was because I know she was being honest but…WOW!).

This isn’t going to be a long first installment of my Amare Happy Juice review because some of the components of the product (gut health related) will be impactful down the road, but for right now I have to document one real and raw thing that stands out to me and is EXACTLY what I needed, after two weeks of drinking Happy Juice:


(can be combined with subscribe and save discount!!)

My productivity is legitimately through the freaking roof.

(no other changes have been made to my routine, btw)

I had a massive funnel to build out for my business in a small window of time that required me be able to maintain focus for long periods of time. This is something that, with my anxiety, has historically been difficult for me. I can do it, but it’s ROUGH.

I have NEVER been able to stay completely focused on a project like that one for more than 3-4 hours without losing my focus or getting side-tracked by something else.

I completed this page for my brand & online business toolkit, this page for my digital product sales funnel course, and this page for my coaching membership working between 6-10 hours a piece on each within one week.

I literally had to force myself to shut it down versus motivating myself to keep going and that is something new (and very welcome) to me.

Not to mention that these focused work blocks were done in addition to everything else I have going on (the podcast, single mom life, working with my clients and members, daily workouts, hosting family, content creation/marketing, generally running a business, etc) and, frankly, some pretty stressful personal life stuff.

I have been more productive in the last couple weeks than I have EVER been.

And that’s no exaggeration or I wouldn’t be taking the time out of my regular, very packed work + life routine to write this review for anyone who finds this and wonders if it’s really as good as they say.

I honestly don’t know how it works so well but, I WILL TAKE IT!

Also, I think my skin looks better too, but that could also be due to the extra hydration from drinking Happy Juice versus a crap ton of coffee all day which I can’t believe I’ve been able to cut back on! Either way, again, I’ll take it!


(can be combined with subscribe and save discount!!)

Amare Happy Juice Review

So, saying all that to say this:

If you are someone who, like me, could use a major boost in focus and productivity, I can in full integrity 100% recommend this product.

Here is the exact Happy Juice cocktail I am using and will continue using (I blend the three components together with this little hand mixer + water + ice!):

amare happy juice review


(there is a non-caffeinated option on the same page if that’s a concern!)

Cheers to focus and productivity!

Don’t forget you can use my $10 off code (LATIMER10) and combine it with the subscribe and save discount too!!

– Ashley Latimer

P.S. Please feel free to DM me on Instagram, or send an email to hello@elevatedwithashley.com if you have any questions or if you try it I would love to hear what you think and how quickly YOU notice the impact on your productivity and focus!!


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