How To Take Your Own Brand Photos

How To Take Your Own Brand Photos To Use For Promotion On Your Website, Sales Pages, & Social Media

Not every online entrepreneur has the time, resources or desire to invest in a professional brand photo shoot (although, GREAT tax write-off!) but you certainly want to make sure that your personal brand is represented by professional-looking images of you.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you that I have a successful business, lots of sales pages and websites, Instagram, etc, and (to date) have not ever paid for a photoshoot!

So, here’s what I use to take and edit my own brand photos.

The first tool I use is a Bluetooth clicker for my iPhone. Super inexpensive ($7!), and allows me to click the self-timer on my phone without running back into position to “get the shot”. I usually set the timer for 3 seconds and take a TON of pictures to sort through later!

As far as lighting I use a ring light and two box lights (both height adjustable) positioned on either side of me, wherever I’m taking photos in my home. This gives a professional look and eliminates shadows you would otherwise see in the photos.

I attach my phone to a ring light by attaching a moveable car phone mount to the ring light mirror, and having a magnet on the back of an old phone case:

How To Take Your Own Brand Photos

To edit the brand photos I use these three apps:

VSCO: In this app, I adjust the contrast (+1.0), saturation (+1.0), and exposure. I increase the exposure depending upon the lighting, time of day, etc. I do not apply a filter unless it’s to post on my Instagram. In that case, I use F2 turned down to 6.0.

ReTouch: If there’s anything that I need or want to remove in the photo (spots on a mirror, a cord I forgot to move, a zit (lol), I use the ReTouch app. 

Facetune: Sometimes I will go into face tune and use the auto retouch. It brightens and smooths everything over without changing anything about my face. 

I create promotional graphics for my website, landing pages, Facebook covers, course logos, etc,. Most often, I create them myself using Canva.com!

I hope this quick article gives you some tips for creating your next batch of professional-looking, non-professional brand photos.

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