When you are building a personal brand, you’re the CEO. You’ve either started to incorporate, or you had been incorporated network marketing as a prong of that brand. You must set boundaries around what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to protect that time and energy. It is the most precious asset of your business.

You’re going to see that those are the people who do well in network marketing, and they build their influence. And therefore, when they go to sell to their audience, their audience is more likely to buy. That is just how it works. Many times, we get caught up in thinking we need to nurture that one thing. There’s a lot of things about the industry that I still enjoy: the friends, teamwork, camaraderie, monetizing sharing about a product that I love.

We’re all so unique. And so individual there cannot be this cookie cutter way to do it. And if you’re partnered with a company that’s like a dinosaur company that literally will not allow you to monetize in other ways, then you need to read the writing on the wall and make a pivot because that’s so OOX so controlling. We’re not here for that.

So personally, I feel that it’s really important to practice what you preach. So, show your team, show your affiliates, healthy boundaries, and that you prioritize your healthcare, your family, your time, freedom, your integrity, your authenticity, your personal brand. Even if it means sacrificing volume or rank or whatever it might be. You must look at it in a unique way, unless you want to focus on, on that stream.

Secondly, you need to discipline yourself to point to tools and resources. If you have a team, do not answer every single question. And this goes to, if you are building a team, if you are a solopreneur and you start to collaborate with a virtual assistant, you bring on new team members. This is the same advice. Point to tools and resources do not stay in your DMS and answer every single question that customers have, or clients have, or team members have set boundaries around your time.

At the end of the day, when it comes to your team, you’re really doing them a solid, you want to create self-sufficient leaders within your organization. People who are, first of all, you want to attract leaders.

You want to attract initiative-takers who are building their brand, who are wanting to incorporate this product line that your company represents into what they’re already doing. If you’ve set the boundary and someone continues to cross it, that is on them. Remember to keep your long-term vision focused on where you want to take your brand.

Two, make sure that you’re pointing to tools and resources and not answering every single question that everyone sends your way. Make sure that you have systems in place where you can quickly get information to people related is the next one set times to respond back to messages and questions during the day, do not become a slave to your inbox. You do not have time for that.

You must put boundaries around your time and your most precious resource. Your energy is currency. Spend it well and invest that time wisely.

Just say no to attending all the zooms. I am literally giving you permission to say no, unless you are leading that zoom. I know I didn’t sign up for a zoom call four nights a week. I’ve got a personal brand to build and a daughter to devote my time to. At some point, I probably need to start dating too. If you want to build or expand a personal brand and you want to have a life, a rich life, you have to protect your time and energy.

That feels out of integrity or just. Some people will not understand or like that. That’s okay. Typically, people who get upset by your boundaries are the people who received help from you not having any boundaries in the first place. Set your boundaries, stick to them and always keep your long-term goals in mind.

I hope this encourages you to set some boundaries around your time and energy in your business and life. It’s really important! Protect those things at all costs. Get out there, make some impact, and make some income. I believe in you and those big dreams you have. To reach them with your sanity intact while feeling in alignment, boundaries are necessary.

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