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Why I’m Closing My Facebook Group Of 4.8K

Hello, hello! Today I’m sharing a significant update that marks a new chapter in my journey. After five amazing years, I’ve decided to close down my free Facebook group, Elevate Academy, which has been home to nearly 5,000 female entrepreneurs. This decision wasn’t made lightly, but it’s one that I know is right for me and my business.

Trusting My Gut

Every time I’ve trusted my gut to make a big move, it has led to incredible outcomes. Whether it was walking away from leadership and team building in social selling or pivoting my business model, these decisions have always brought me closer to feeling aligned and fulfilled. On the flip side, going against my intuition has often led to feeling lost and unaligned.

When I started Elevate Academy in 2019, it was the only place I felt comfortable showing up and building a coaching business. It provided a safe space to teach, build community, and eventually launch my offers. That group played a crucial role in my business’s early growth and in helping me navigate through difficult times.

The Importance of Alignment

As my business and life have evolved, so have my priorities and what feels aligned for me. It’s essential to regularly evaluate whether what you’re doing still serves your larger goals and vision. For me, Elevate Academy no longer aligns with where I want to put my energy and focus.

In the past year, I’ve shifted my business model significantly. I moved from high-ticket group coaching and one-on-one sessions to a more accessible low-ticket model. This change has been both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to build my business in a way that feels truly authentic.

Changes in the Online Landscape

The online landscape has changed dramatically since I started Elevate Academy. While Facebook groups can still be a powerful way to build a business, the reach and engagement have decreased. I don’t want to double down on efforts to revive something that no longer feels right for me. Instead, I want to focus on more public platforms where I can reach and impact a broader audience.

I’ve been putting more effort into showing up on Instagram and investing time in this podcast. My word for the year is “cultivate,” and I’m committed to cultivating a strong, engaged community in my Maverick Society coaching membership. This membership is where my heart truly lies, and I want to invest more time and energy there.

Moving Forward with Excitement

Closing Elevate Academy feels like closing a chapter that has brought immense value and growth. It’s not about abandoning what we’ve built but evolving into something even better. I’m excited about planning retreats, adding more co-working sessions, and creating deeper connections within my membership.

If you’re in a similar position, feeling the urge to make a bold move or pivot in your business, I hope my story gives you the permission and encouragement to do so. Remember, you have the freedom to change and align your business with your true desires and goals.

An Invitation to Join Me

As a way to support those who have been part of Elevate Academy, I’m bringing back the founding members rate for the Maverick Society until June 21. This membership offers access to my entire body of work, weekly coaching calls, and a supportive community of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to build an aligned, authentic business that lights you up, I invite you to join us. Let’s make those bold moves together and create something truly impactful.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here’s to making brave pivots and pursuing what truly aligns with who we are.

Until next time, cheers to your impact!