Today, we are going to be talking about how to create unstoppable confidence. Have you ever met someone who just seems to crush it at whatever they do? Even if they don’t crush it, they just keep on going. They’re unstoppable. I want to give you some advice and some tips for how you can cultivate that type of confidence within yourself. It’s just such a key to success in the long term. I want to pass along that gift to you and help you to grow in your confidence because confidence attracts confide confidence and is impactful. And I want you to have that as an asset for not only your business but for your personal life.

Ready to build confidence in you and your brand?

Are you ready to build your unstoppable brand? I’m here to give you some tips on how to create the confidence that you’ve been dreaming of. I want to show you some ways that you can do this. Spoiler alert: It’s by being congruent to you and your best self.  Ultimately confidence is a skill. It’s a skill that you have to learn to practice each and every day, unless you are fortunate enough to somehow have grown up to just be super confident. I mean, that’s the goal that’s for me as a mama of a girl, I want to instill in her this unstoppable confidence. There are three things I want to instill in not only my my child, but also in my clients as a business owner, because confidence is such an asset to your personal and business life.

I was thinking through some keys to build that unstoppable confidence that no matter what comes your way, you get up and keep going, right? You aren’t knocked off center for very long. That’s really the goal in entrepreneurship. There’s going to be ups and downs. You’re going to have many failures. How to do you build that skill within yourself?

1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

The first key to building unstoppable confidence is doing things outside your comfort zone, and it doesn’t have to be related to building your brand or business. I honestly believe and have seen it repeatedly, that mindset training and discipline and doing things out of your comfort zone in other areas does transfer. And it’s really the key to success. Now I can teach you all these strategy use in systems, but if you don’t have that confidence within yourself to really unleash the beasts and do the dang thing and execute on all of that and feel confident that no matter how it goes, whether you fail or you don’t, you are worthy, you are an awesome human being, then that just does you a disservice by me not teaching you how to create this confidence. 


For example, I remember one of the most pivotal confidence game changers for me was getting involved in something called CrossFit. I don’t know if you remember CrossFit, but it was like all the rage probably 10 years ago. And I got into it about, I want to say 2010 or 2011. Prior to that, I would not do many things outside of my comfort zone. If I didn’t know I could be good at something and be successful, I often didn’t want to try . I didn’t want to be seen as starting too small or feel like a failure. I really didn’t have the growth mindset that I have today. My mindset was more fixed on the skills that I had. I didn’t really try anything out of my comfort zone.

I would challenge myself to show up and learn those movements, to use things like bands, to help me progress from being able to even hold onto a pull-up bar, to be able to do 10 to 12 pull-ups in a row. Doing something outside of my comfort zone really did transfer into many different areas of life. It continually reminds me of what we as human beings, not just me, but what we as human beings are capable of. If we get out of our comfort zone, follow a plan, follow a process, get past days that we’re tired and can’t perform in the way that we want to. Knowing that ultimately, we’re going to get to our destination if we just keep going, it transfers.

Once your confidence muscle is built up within yourself; it doesn’t feel that scary. It doesn’t feel that bad. And I know, but on the other side of continually growing my confidence but coming from a place of extreme lack of confidence, I know how both, both feel and worth doing the work to build your unstoppable confidence related.

2. Feel Fear

The next tip is to allow yourself to feel fear and discomfort and just do it anyway. I know that sounds basic, but a lot of times we don’t check ourselves and we think, oh, I feel scared or worried about this and oh, this might be uncomfortable. Then we just don’t try. We just don’t do it. My challenge for you, if you’re really wanting to build unstoppable confidence, is to feel that fear. In  our brain fear and excitement feel very similar. 

A lot of times when we feel fear, we’re actually excited, but we can’t really distinguish between it.  just a little, little tidbit there for you to recognize within our own selves, our brains are trickier aren’t they, but just to do it anyway. Every time you do that, it’s going to be uncomfortable. But every time you do that, it’s going to get a little bit more, a little bit easier to do, because you’re going to feel a little bit more confident because you have seen what’s on the other side of that.

On the other side of fear and discomfort, is it always exactly how you think it will go? Oh sister, no, not the case, but you’ll learn from however it goes, you’re either going to experience success or you get an awesome opportunity to learn and grow. You can’t grow from everything going your way. It’s just not possible. If you can keep that perspective of: ‘well, the worst thing that can happen is a total failure. Then, I can learn something and become better for myself and for those I serve.” If you can go at everything from that perspective, you’re unstoppable.

3. Don’t Quit

Let’s go to number three. As you embark on something, a new project, a stream of income or you’re switching companies, you’re making a career change. Whatever it is that you’re going to do know that you’re going to want to quit at some point.  Just be prepared for that to come up. You’re going to want to quit. It’s going to be more than once.  Just because you feel weary, scared, or unsure be ready to push forward. If you need to talk to someone, journal, or take a day off. Just know that that’s going to come up. You’re going to want to quit because when things get difficult and we can’t see the other side, our self-preservation kicks in and we think we could just quit.

If you’re setting out to get something in life or business, and that’s what you want, don’t quit on yourself or your goals because you will not trust yourself. Think about it as you would a relationship with anyone else. If you had a friend who was constantly month after month, and every single time, they said that they were going to do something for you or they were going to show up and then they kind of did, but then they didn’t see it through the completion. Would you trust them? Would you have confidence in that relationship? Absolutely not. That’s a flake, right?  Don’t be a flake to yourself. As far as your relationship with yourself, this is the longest, closest relationship that you’re going to have. 

4. Celebrate your wins

If you’re not celebrating your wins, definitely you do that. If you hit a goal, free yourself to something and, and that can be something that you buy or that can be giving yourself time, or it can be anything, but celebrate your wins, celebrate them aloud, celebrate them, you know, with your friends. The key here is to celebrate your failures. And like I said before, I know sounds counterintuitive, but celebrate your failures. Because if you failed, you freaking tried, right? You went all in. Maybe it didn’t work out, but you didn’t quit until it didn’t work.

Opportunity Awaits

Now you have this opportunity, which you can celebrate to shift or make a pivot and then to show up even better. I mean, that is how the game is played and won, right? If you just constantly, I don’t know who comes up with ideas and every single one knocks it out of the park. That is not the way things work. One entrepreneur said it took him 12 years to become an overnight success.  They’re not just unstoppable. It’s because they pushed and learned through failures and a lot of them. They weren’t knocked off course for a month or six months because of a failure. They took that and pushed forward with increased confidence, more wisdom, and knowledge to move on to the next step.

Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable confidence is really going to come from your belief and your ability to figure things out. You must fail to get that right. . That’s what is going to create confidence. If you hear nothing else, hear that confidence doesn’t come from being successful. True confidence doesn’t come from always hitting the ball out of the park. That is not what creates true confidence. Those external things, even our external successes or our appearance, can always move and change. The things that are going to be solid are those assets that you can build within that confidence. You cannot tie your confidence to other people’s approval.

Be Confident and See It Through

Keep your promise to yourself. Take a step and see it through. Be consistent. As you do that, your confidence will increase. Do those things on repeat no matter how much failure you experience and know that it’s all, it all belongs. It’s all part of you getting to your next level and becoming absolutely unstoppable and inviting other people to not always have to feel like they have to be perfect in order for them to build the life and business of their dreams. I honestly believe in you. I believe that if you implement these things, you too will experience unstoppable confidence.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you’re not in that place yet borrow my belief and you borrow your loved one’s belief and you and try these things anyway. I genuinely hope that continuing to start and complete and learn from mistakes and all these things we’ve talked about, I hope it really does help you to develop into the confident, unstoppable women that you are created to be, and that your people need you to be.

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