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Girlfriend, I am so excited to share the secret sauce right here. I’m going to share the eight steps that you could absolutely take to create and launch your first profitable brand offer this year and in the coming years. I’m so excited!  By offer, I mean, your own course, coaching offer or membership. These are all three streams of brand revenue in my business, and I love helping other women create something that can be an additional source of impact and income for their brand as well. This is literally the exact signature formula that I used to create, and launch my first brand product and had a $20,000 month. Those products have gone on to make tons more money in my brand, and a lot of impact, which is the source of income.

8 Steps to Creating and Launching a Paid Offer

Let’s talk about the eight steps to creating and launching a paid offer. Make sure to take some notes, because this is going to be juicy and info packed. So, what to I mean when I say brand offer? Well, an offer is the product that you create. So maybe this is a course, or a specific coaching offer that you come up with. It’s also the way that you sell it, market it, the pricing and the positioning of that offer in the marketplace. All of those are what comprises an offer.

Why Create an Offer?

Now, why create an offer for your brand? There’s a plethora of reasons, but for one, getting your eggs out of one basket, and building a business you actually own. If you sell a product, it’s a hundred percent commission minus your business expenses. That is something that you can control –  selling all the things. It’s something that’s using your unique experiences and knowledge to serve your audience. So, you’re taking all of your skill sets, experiences and what makes you – you to create an offer.

In network marketing, you’re in social selling and scaling your income. A lot of times it has to do with acquiring more team members, or motivating and incentivizing your current team to increase their own sales. I don’t know about you, but I want to worry about my own personal business. I want any team members that I have to really feel like no one’s micromanaging them. No one is dependent upon their efforts for their paycheck. That’s just a personal thing for me. Taking the steps to create and launch my own offers that are in alignment with my brand and also highly helpful to my target client has been a total game changer. If you have followed along with my journey, you know that the year which I decided to pivot and begin to create my own offers, was the first year that I reached and surpassed six figures – and it’s gone on from there.

Keep It Simple

This is very powerful, but it’s not rocket science.  It is just a matter of going through a process to do this effectively, and be in alignment with what it is that you are doing, and how you’re showing up online. I’m sure you’re wondering “How do I select something to create an offer around?”.

Here is my advice: Pick something that you love to teach and share about that compliments your online brand, and also your gifts. You are going to create and launch a valuable offer. The more value you create, the more money you’ll make. It really honestly doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that. Although you can create sales pages, have email marketing and all those things, you do not have to in order to have a profitable launch. I did not have any of that going for my first launch. I literally had a PDF with bullet points of what it was that I was offering. Then, pre-sold that offer. 

It was just the concept and the outline, but I just went forward. I sold it, and then delivered it as promised, and figured it out as I went along. It was amazing! That first launch I’m mentioning is the Influence, Impact and Income Academy. I ran that five times live. Now it’s a packaged course that you can go through self-paced, or one-on-one with me. As of right now, I don’t plan on teaching it live in 2022, but that could change. Now let’s get to the steps to low tech launch your first offer.

Step 1: Create Consistent Free Content

You’re going to want to create consistent free content on the platform that you’ll be launching to, for one-to-two months. If it is longer than that, you don’t need to be doing that for more than one to two months. If you have an aligned brand, for what kind of content you’re put host, you’re consistently sharing content that is valuable and helpful, and it will show how you and/or your services and products can solve a problem.

You’re gonna have a good launch if you have been consistent with that for one to two months. There’s obviously a specific formula that in low tech launch that I teach. Each of these steps, spoiler alert, each of these steps, we will go through in low tech launch live for an entire week to make sure you have all the things you need to be doing this effectively. I’m not going to go over the exact content strategy I recommend, but if you are a part of that mastermind, you will be getting that.

Step 2: Brainstorm your offer idea

This is something that I do with my clients. One on one, when they’re trying to create and launch their first brand offer, we brainstorm ideas. Come up with all of the things that you are asked questions about. So maybe you’re constantly hearing: “I don’t understand how you’re able to do this”. You know, those questions that you get or things that you feel are intuitive. They are not to other people, so brainstorm any questions or comments or things that you’ve gotten like that where you think, “Hey, I could walk someone through that process.”

Brainstorm a potential offer idea that you would be excited about creating, and that you think would be highly valuable and helpful to your target audience that is within your brand and the type of content that you share.

Step 3: Validate Your Idea

The third thing you’re going to do is validate your idea. Oftentimes, we’ll get an idea and we get really excited about it, but we haven’t taken the time to validate it with our ideal clients. We may think we know what they need or want, but that’s totally not what it is. Now there’s something to be said for creating something from your heart and that has a time and place. If you really wanna ensure that you have an effective launch, you do want to validate your idea with your target audience.

Step 4: Outline Your Offer

Once you have a validated idea for your offer, you’re gonna outline the contents of your offer. So you’re not going to fully create and put onto a course platform like Kajabi that I use. You’re going outline the contents of this offer. For me, in my phone notes, I had every module outlined with the type of information I was going to share,  the resources I’d need to provide in the workbook and everything was outlined. I didn’t have the slides set up ahead of time. I did that week by week and was about a week ahead in the 12 week program that I offered.

If you take three to six months to build out slowly and then sell it. And it flops, you’ve just literally spent all of that time for nothing. So I want you to outline the contents, so that you can keep moving forward and you can go ahead and pre-sell your offer. Run this as a live program. If it’s a course. If it’s coaching, obviously it would be live anyway and then go forward. 

Step 5: Create your Launch Materials

From there, you’re gonna prepare your launch and promotional materials. You can do this as more of a robust launch, or a little more freestyle and flowy. I’m gonna give you an outline for the launch in Low Tech Launch Live. It will include everything you need to have prepared in order to have a stress free or low stress, low tech launch.

So what would you need to think through, as far as your marketing and acquiring of clients of your ideal client avatar? Part of that is creating and launching a free challenge, informative webinar or a live that has targeted messaging towards your ideal client avatar.  I’ve launched things with both of these methods. Either a free challenge that is kind of the pre-step to that next paid step that someone could take with you similar to this podcast. You could think of this podcast as a free webinar. A free live that at the end, if you’re interested and you think, “Oh, okay. I can see how those steps would work together, but I would love to work with Ashley and a group of women to actually go through it.”

Step 6: Create & Host a Free Live or Webinar

A free live or webinar where you are teaching something that would actually give your ideal client a result that they could either get right away, or that they could implement and get a result without having to purchase this next thing. But that this next thing, meaning your offer would be highly helpful to them in getting them to that goal. Once you’ve prepared your free challenge,  webinar or other lead magnet to get eyeballs onto you so that you can then pitch your offer, you’re going to follow up. So wherever it is that you’re launching, so you’ve created consistent free content on a platform you’ll be launching too.

I do recommend building a Facebook brand group as an asset for your business. If you are on Instagram, and you love hanging out on Instagram, and that feels super aligned, maybe it’s Instagram. Maybe it’s TikTok. It’s wherever you’ve been showing up with free content gear towards your ideal client avatar for one to two months.

Step 7: Follow Up

Next, you’re going to follow up with posts and even an email series. You want to follow up, because most of your sales are going to come in that five to 10 days. Depending on how long you have your cart open, that’s when the are gonna come in. It’s really your follow up. It’s not just that webinar and that everyone signs up or that challenge and everyone signs up. You’re gonna want to follow up with posts, at least with posts and maybe even emails, regurgitating those posts and expanding on them with offers. There’s a strategic way to do that as well. It’s not just sales, sales, sales. There’s a way to do it that will prompt your ideal client to take action and purchase.

Step 8: Closing Your Cart

Lastly, step eight is going to be closing your cart. You’ve had your idea. You’ve validated it. You outline the contents of your offer, have all your launch materials ready, did your free challenger webinar and followed up like a boss. The last thing you’re gonna do is close your cart and deliver the products or services as you promised.

This is where I have a really exciting bonus that I’m going to do for Low Tech Launch Live. I am actually going to do a bonus module, which is how to actually package up your course. Once you’ve run it live, if you want to do it in an alternative way I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that in Kajbi. I’ll walk you through how to create a workbook and add more of the technical components into your course.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you’re interested in the Low Teach Launch Live, and these eight steps have your wheels turning on how to create and launch, but you’d like some support and accountability through the implementation portion, I am opening up 10 spots for enrollment next week. If you would like one of those spots so you can get it done and launched, then go ahead and snag one of those spots.

We’re gonna get to know each other real well and set you up with a product, an offer that you can scale your impact and income along with it. So get excited for that!!

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