Today I’m going to share a no bull take on the distinction between attraction marketing and curiosity marketing, and why you or your downline still may not be getting the results that you want (and possibly turning off your audience) even though you’re not saying your company or product names… And what to do INSTEAD to start getting results! Attraction Marketing is NOT leaving out the names of your network marketing products or company. If you like this article you’ll enjoy the discussion we had in this video training over in my Free Facebook group, Elevate Academy For Intentional Influencers & Mompreneurs!

Let’s start with some definitions.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is, in a nutshell: Building a business and brand around YOU,defining and publishing value-added, unique, problem-solving content,to a target audience, which increases your personal value level (PVL) in the marketplace. Your ideal clients, business, partners, and customers are attracted and reach out to YOU. You become the hunted versus the hunter. Of course, we ALL have value whether or not our marketing is less than effective… The reality is that the amount of influence you have (and money that you make online in your business) is a direct reflection of your current perceived PVL in the eyes of your target audience. And that is up to you to develop!

Wait, what do you mean by Personal Value Level?

When it comes to Attraction Marketing, your PVL comes down to the knowledge and skills you have or work to acquire that you share with others, and the associations that you have with other people who are influential or attractive in the marketplace as well. Think about the network marketing “gurus” you follow, or the top leaders you see people joining (or you may be one!). They’re most likely collaborating with other top leaders and influencers, and they are most definitely creating content consistently that is providing value and solutions for you/their audience. Think blog posts, live videos, interviews, workshops, etc. The truth is, that your magnetic personal brand maximizing Attraction Marketing principals is what converts sales and signs of business partners, not the products or the opportunity in and of themselves. Branding YOU and increasing your PVL also eliminates all competition. Think about it this way, of your company is successful they will have between 50,000 to 1,000,000+ consultants…. all marketing the exact same opportunity and the exact same products. So, not only do you have to compete with all of the other network marketing companies in the marketplace you also have to compete against all of those other distributors and your exact company. Which is exactly why you must elevate your marketing skills and personal value level to increase your results…not post more curiosity posts. Step into your awesomeness, unique messaging, and bring the VALUE to your audience (and know how to get in front of that audience!). Which brings us to our next definition.

What is Curiosity Marketing?

Curiosity Marketing is speaking to the benefits of a particular product service or opportunity without identifying the specific product or company name, making it so that people need to reach out to you if they would like more information on specifics or where to purchase. Marketers do this so that their audience won’t have the option to Google the product or opportunity and find an alternate place to purchase or sign up. Curiosity Marketing/Posting falls under the umbrella of Attraction Marketing but many people incorrectly assume that all Attraction Marketing therefore has to exclude the name of your products or company. Whether to create curiosity or not depends on your marketing STRATEGY. It’s okay to use critical thinking skills and to use company or product names when it makes business sense to. Yes,  the goal of attraction marketing is to have people to reaching out to you so that you don’t need to be sliding into DMs asking if they’re open to what it is that you are selling are doing, but you can absolutely attract people to sign up with or purchase through you with your marketing, even when there is no curiosity involved. The main point of not using your company name is, to me, because YOU are the brand and it’s really easy to pigeonhole yourself to be seen as the “_______________” girl, versus as Brand YOU + your message. It goes back to Personal Value Level (PVL). Placing a focus on developing marketing skills, confidence, leadership chops, and the attractive qualities within yourself that will make you successful in business (and life) over crafting the perfect curiosity post – or any social media post – is what will get results. More on that to come.

Here is where Curiosity Posting Can Take A Turn To Obnoxious

First I see many new network marketers or network marketers new to the concept of curiosity marketing doing something I like to call “curiosity post spamming”. Whether you are sharing before and after, selfies with product, etc. pictures everyday with or without your company name….Spam is spam. Curiosity Marketing can be very effective when you are first launching a new business or sharing about a new product when your audience, when a product or company is relatively unknown. Or when you are consistently generating NEW eyeballs/leads on your social media content who would actually still be curious, versus the same 500 people who have seen you post for the last 6 months. But then after the initial launch, rather than branding themselves and sharing on-brand, value-added content to a target audience to provide solutions to problems and marketing strategically, they continue to mainly post about their product, service or opportunity multiple times per week, sometimes even daily without using the name of the product for the name of the company… Their audience’s curiosity fades quickly and is replaced by annoyance, and the marketer isn’t getting the results that they thought they’d get if they just kept covering labels and being vague about this “ground level opportunity”, over and over and over again…many times like they see their influential upline or top leaders in their company do, and get results. Let’s take two different examples of someone marketing the same product to illustrate why this is:

  1. Someone new to network marketing, who hasn’t been taught how to properly brand THEMSELVES on social media and does not yet have any influence,shares a picture of themselves with the product label covered saying “I love this stuff for blabbity blah blah reasons”. They are NOT going to get many people reaching out to them until they develop influence, confidence and marketing skills. This is why I cannot stand when influencing for social marketing companies is marketed as “easy” or “simple”. If you want to build a substantial business, it requires investing in up-leveling your skillset and mindset.
  2. Whereas you have someone else with existing influence with a target audience who shares about the product with full confidence of the solution they have, not being nervous about being associated with a network marketing company and promoting one of their products (and maybe even uses the product or company name directly) and people will reach out to them and or purchase through their links with no objections whatsoever.

For Curiosity Marketing (or any marketing) to be effective, one needs to build or have influence, and Personal Value Level with their audience. I don’t care how good the Curiosity Post is. End of story. Let’s talk about a slightly more controversial time when strict adherence to Curiosity Marketing stops marketers from getting results they could otherwise!

Adhering To Curiosity Marketing When It Makes No Strategic Sense

The second problem I see is when marketers adhere strictly to curiosity marketing when it makes no strategic sense to do so. They become so nervous to use their company or product names that it begins to look very strange to their audience who CLEARLY knows the company that they are partnered with and/or is very familiar with the product and its benefits. The audience already knows what to Google, where to purchase, and can even research top leaders to join – unless the marketer is using actual Attraction Marketing to make them the logical/attractive choice to purchase through or join. I see missed opportunities to build their business that can ONLY be accomplished without creating curiosity. I was asked the other day why I made a switch to using the name of the main product I’ve shared with my audience from the network marketing company I partner with, and occasionally even the company name. It is important to analyze the state of the marketplace for your competition, your company, your specific audience, your marketing objective, the platform that you’re utilizing, and go from there. I’ve always shared the name of my products and company on certain platforms, and not on others. Strategically. Let me explain. I’ve built a large part of my audience on Instagram as Taylor-made Mama (I changed my handle to my name a year ago when I re-branded), sharing many things that I use, buy, love, and do with my audience. They’re accustomed to me sharing in that way – providing affiliate links, swipe ups in my stories, etc. When I started sharing about another product (from my network marketing company) in a completely different way it honestly felt weird to me, and I imagine it did to my audience as well. But still, Curiosity Marketing was effective for me because I had built influence, and the product was not widely known as it is now. There was actual curiosity created and people needed to reach out to me to find out where to purchase or what company I was affiliated with if they were interested in partnering with me. Now, flash forward two years and the product I promote has become insanely popular and is being shared (with the product and company name on full display) by Instagram influencers who have up to 1 million followers. Because of this, there is no curiosity to be created with my audience,  and no benefit to be in not capitalizing on momentum through sharing that I am associated with the company or products and my audience can purchase those products or become an affiliate through me. All the while utilizing the principles of Attraction Marketing. All that to say, for me strategically it makes no sense to try and create curiosity around something I’ve been sharing/doing for two years, when influencers my audience also follows are not doing the same. If someone is in launch mode to their audience, I still absolutely recommend creating initial curiosity with a new product. Critical thinking always encouraged. And if you are ever in doubt, hook up with a coach who can dive into YOUR current state of branding + biz.

As another example of my choice strategically to NOT using curiosity:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If you were to Google “How To Become” a partner with my company you would find my blog post on Page 1, Post 1. If I used curiosity marketing and left out the name of my company and just described the benefits and left everything the same  I would literally get zero results from that marketing. Versus utilizing my SEO and traffic strategy that allows me to now have people emailing me or messaging me about joining my team. How game changing would that be for your biz? In both of the above examples, I’m choosing to not using curiosity marketing. However I am using attraction marketing because I am demonstrating + elevating my value level in the marketplace by creating content that solves problems and answers questions for my target audience, positions me as an “expert”, and demonstrate that I have skills to share with and things that set me apart to people who want to join me in business, or even purchase a product through me.

So what to do with this information about curiosity and attraction marketing?

1. Identify your personal brand – the 2 to 3 things that you are going to be sharing highly valuable content on with your audience to increase your PVL.


Remember, YOUR personal value, and not the amazing curiosity post you crafted is going to be the factor in the amount of success you’re going to have from any given curiosity post.

This is why you can see a top leader who switches companies post a curiosity post on their new product and have 50-200 of comments, then give that same exact post to someone on their downline with little to no influence or PVL (yet) and that person gets zero comments. A killer curiosity post will get someone with influence insane results, but they’d still get results with a subpar post with the name of the product. A person without influence or PVL will get little results with either until they take the time to skill up. Below I’m going to share with you my guide to creating curiosity posts that convert, which I created about a year ago. This guide will definitely teach you how to write a curiosity post in a way that’s going to be attractive to your audience and have them reaching out to you. But what I recommend HIGHLY alongside learning how to create curiosity posts, is to level up personal branding and the value being provided outside of and within those posts.

2. Start sharing valuable content with your target audience that’s going to attract your ideal customer or business partner to you. Find out what it is that they’re already searching for answers to, do a little Google research, and write a social media or blog post, or go live sharing some of your findings that will be helpful for them. Focus on your content. It can absolutely become your prospecting.

3. Further, create complementary products of your own and/or alternate sources of income (example affiliate marketing) that can make you money regardless of whether or not someone joins you in business or purchases your network marketing products. I cannot encourage those who do not yet have the level of influence or income they desire to focus on building YOUR brand and network marketing as a complementary asset to it.

4. If you are someone who is serious about building a long-term, sustainable brand + business, I recommend creating a website as a place where you can share content and convert social media eyeballs into actual leads that can convert for you off of social media should you ever lose that platform or it becomes irrelevant, or you would enjoy having a marketing/sales systems that isn’t dependent upon social media algorithms and endless “DMO” hustle. You can create opportunity and product funnels for your business to automate SO MUCH of what you’re grinding on today. Of course, increasing your influence, confidence, and perceived personal value level in the marketplace is not something that happens overnight; it is something that you have to invest in and directly work on.  And it’s not something most are willing to do. But, if you’ve read this far, you aren’t most : )

If this is something you want to focus on, I invite you to check out my Intentional Influencer Society Membership. It’s a low cost, cancel anytime, way to work with me in a community of other Mompreneurs building personal brands with network marketing as a complementary asset. https://ashleysamadani.com/membership


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