Daily Money Making Tasks For Online Business Owners

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Daily money making activities for online business owners

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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT “Daily Money Making Tasks For Online Business Owners”:


Here. Welcome back to episode 98 of the Maverick Mompreneur Podcast. I am so glad you’re here. I cannot believe we are almost to the podcast, second anniversary and a hundred episodes. That’s insane. Holy moly. Okay, just had a moment there. Today we are gonna be talking about daily money making tasks. Time is money, and filling your time with tasks that don’t move the needle is a waste of your time. So today is the day that we are done with that. We are not wasting any more time. If you aren’t making money every single day, or if you are and you want to make even more of it, grab something, jot these four things down, and then more importantly, go take action. I want you to do all four of these things today. Whichever ones you haven’t already done, I want you to go and do. All right, let’s get into it.


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Money making activity checklist. Here we go. Do you have your pen ready? I want you to literally make a checklist because this is gonna be the roadmap to ensure that every day you’re not just working hard because I know you’re working hard, but you’re working smart when it comes to building your business and increasing your impact and income. Checkbox number one, get clarity. Getting clarity before you dive into your to-do list. It’s really easy to just jump in head first. We’ve got a million things to do, but taking that moment or 30 minutes or however long it takes to organize your thoughts can make such a big difference. One of the times that I do this is on my walks back home from dropping off my daughter at school. A lot of times I just think through my intentions for the tasks that I’m gonna be doing, I think through how it relates to my overall goals, and if everything is in alignment with both my work to dos and then also my energy and just where I’m at and if there’s anything that I need to do to kind of get my mind right before getting started.


I highly recommend that you use a self-management worksheet or some tool that helps you to prioritize your tasks for the day. This is gonna set you up for success and make sure that the efforts that you’re making are directing you towards the most important goals that you have and that they’re actually moving the needle forward in your business. So task number one in your daily moneymaking tasks checklist, get clarity. Number two is support your clients daily. This isn’t just about helping your clients to make progress, though. It’s also about leveraging that progress for your business. So how do you leverage that progress for your business? Well, there’s lots of ways, but here’s a few. So getting recommendations. When your clients are seeing progress, they’re going to become your biggest advocates. They’re going to be referring and recommending to you because they’re pumped about the results they’re achieving, the way that they feel within your containers, the aha moments that they’ve gotten.


So you’re going to be getting recommendations if you are supporting your clients daily. This is why we need to prioritize it beyond the obvious that you want to support your clients. You wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t wanna help others to have a transformation. Another way that you can leverage progress that your clients are having because you’re supporting them daily, is sharing success stories. So sharing stories, telling stories, this is what we connect with. And so share those things with your audience on your social media platforms, your blog, your email newsletters, that’s gonna showcase your expertise, but also allow people to see that you do work with humans. So a lot of times people are wondering, what is it like to work with you? So this is really going to, for lack of a less kind of weird word, like humanize your brand.


And then I know sometimes we get hesitant about feeling self-promotional, but you have to share that positive feedback that you get from clients. A great way to do this is as screenshots on your social media. This is a super authentic way to build trust and credibility with your audience, with people who are not yet clients. So sharing that social proof, sharing that positive feedback that you’re getting from your clients because you’re supporting them daily. One way that you can support your clients daily is by improving your offerings. So improving your courses, improving your digital products, improving your processes based on your clients’ feedback. So getting feedback from them, implementing that, creating new things for them, additional resources that are gonna help them. And document that process on your social media, on your YouTube channel, on your blog, on your podcast, in your email. So let people know what you’re doing behind the scenes because remember, any tools or resources that you can create in the process of supporting your clients can also be used as really good freebie lead magnets or offers for new clients.


So supporting your clients daily is paramount, not just because you obviously want to help them make progress, but to leverage that to promote your business as well and continue to grow in that way. So task number one, get clarity. Task number two, support your clients daily. Task number three is grow your list and grow your audience every single day. And there are many, many, many ways to do this. There’s no one way to skin a cat, if you will, but your business cannot thrive and be sustainable without a continuously growing audience. Trust me, I’ve experienced this firsthand. No matter how large your audience is, if you are not continuing to grow it every single day and prioritizing that, your warm market will dry out. If you’re promoting the same offers to the same audience over and over and over again, you’re gonna hit a roadblock eventually, whether it takes one month or whether it takes two years.


So continuously expanding your audience is so important. So whether you do that organically or you use a targeted ad with a lead magnet, the key is gonna be consistency to lead to that growth over time. And then last but not least, because this is where the magic happens, is giving value and making an offer every single day. And here’s the thing, I hope this is obvious, but this is not just about making money, it’s about creating transformations in your client’s lives. Money is the byproduct of that transformation. So if you’re solving problems, you should be making money. And if you’re not solving problems, you shouldn’t be making money. So don’t be afraid to talk about the value and the impact that you can provide through your offers. And there’s so many ways to do this. As with the other three items on this checklist, there’s always many ways to do these things.


There isn’t one cookie cutter modality or method that you must follow, but giving value and making an offer daily is gonna be super key things to keep in mind when you are promoting your offers, make sure that you’re sharing about how your offers create transformation. So think about the desires and the challenges that your ideal clients, your ideal customers have, and help them to see themselves within the transformation that can be created by whatever it is that you are promoting. So if that’s an affiliate product, social selling product, a business opportunity, your coaching, a digital product, a digital course, whatever it is that you’re offering, help your audience to see themselves in the transformation you’re describing within that value that you’re offering. If you have testimonials or success stories or personal anecdotes that showcase how your offers have already helped past clients or current clients to change their lives, use those within this.


Let your clients who are satisfied and growing and seeing progress speak for your brand. And then lastly, after you’ve delivered your value, always make a super clear call to action. So invite your audience to reach out to you by dmm, check out your sales page, whatever it is, depending on the product or service that you’re offering, but make it easy for them to take the next step. And I know you might be thinking, oh my gosh, give value and make an offer every single day. Firstly, it does not have to be you showing up on social media every single day. If you’ve created evergreen assets like a podcast, like a blog over on Pinterest, your YouTube channel, and you’ve created sales funnels off of your value added content, you don’t necessarily have to show up every day. Although showing up on social media is really where you can connect and you can build community, you can show a behind the scenes of what it is that you do on a day-to-day basis.


And again, for lack of a better term, kind of humanize your brand. Really connect. So we don’t wanna skip out on social media entirely, but we want to use it as a tool to lead people to our sales funnels, to lead people to our offers that we’ve created sales funnels for so that they can go through the process without us needing to be there 24 7 to make those sales happen. If you think about it this way, so let’s say you walk into a sushi restaurant and on the sushi restaurant, I’m thinking of this because a lot of them will have pictures on the menu for some reason. And so you look at the menu, you see this really delicious roll, and you flag down a server who doesn’t seem to be coming up to take your order or anything, but you flag them down and you ask if you could order a couple of different items that you’re really excited to try, and they say, oh no, um, I’m sorry, we’re not uh, selling anything here.


We don’t actually sell any of the food. You just look at what we have on our menu, but we No, you can’t buy anything. That would be absolutely weird. First of all, insane as a business model. But that’s what we’re doing when we have a business online, but we don’t make offers daily. It’s like being out of business or at low’s. They can look at your social media, they can binge your podcasts, they can read all your blog posts, but there’s nothing for them to buy. There’s no next step to take if they want what it is that you have as far as transformation. So I want you to think of it that way. Your content, your online platform is like a menu with pictures. And you need to come up to your customer and say, Hey, here’s what I have to offer. If you would like it, here’s how you can go about it.


If not, that’s perfectly fine. Great, see you tomorrow, right? So you’re not hounding anyone down, but you do have to make a clear offer. Think about the last time you purchased something. You wouldn’t have purchased it if there wasn’t an opportunity to purchase. So don’t feel weird about giving people an opportunity to purchase, particularly if you’re going about it from a value driven place, helping someone to see themselves in the transformation that you can provide, and then show ’em what to do next. And remember, success does not happen overnight. Your success is gonna be the result of consistent focused efforts and following something like this daily moneymaking task checklist to help you to stay on track. So that’s it for today’s episode. I hope you found this valuable and that you are more importantly ready to go and implement it into your daily routine starting today. Okay, go and implement. You’ve got this. Stay motivated, keep working hard and dreaming big. And don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast if you found this episode helpful and valuable. I truly appreciate it so much. Thank you for tuning in and I’ll catch you in the next episode. Until then, cheers to your impact.

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