Something happened this week that was really exciting. It was a goal I met, but more exciting than the goal were the takeaways that came along with it. Getting to a goal feels good, but knowing that I met this particular goal during a difficult season in my personal life gets me so fired up to share the five elements that made it possible.

It’s a given that we’re gonna experience difficult seasons in life. If you haven’t already spoiler alert, it’d going to happen. I have no problem talking about mine if it can be a roadmap for someone else to get through it, stronger, more gracefully, and more empowered than myself. I’m here for you, so let’s get right down to it. 

1. Building an Online Community

Building online community that I pour into and connecting with has been number 1 for me. My brand group community is Elevate Academy. My team, clients, followers and readers should shout elevate nation. It really truly gave and still continues to give me so much life, purpose and community. It also happens to be a large part of how I’m able to generate income online. 

Without an audience you are nurturing and caring for who care what you have to say, it’s gonna be hard to make any money, right? It goes hand in hand, but the online community is something that’s been incredibly up lifting. I hope that you have a tribe online that uplifts and inspires and encourages you. If you don’t, please always know that you’re welcome in mine.

We have a really warm, welcoming free, Facebook community  if you’re looking for online communities and learning opportunities, Building an online community is a huge part of what allowed me to reach a goal with ease in a very difficult year. 

2. Keep Your Mind Centered During a Difficult Season

Your mindset is so huge. Specifically, the mindset of not being a victim, despite whatever it is that you’re going through. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, keeping your mind centered on having a hundred percent responsibility for the results in your business, life, and the way that you want to build or rebuild. No one is going to come and do this for you. You are in charge of rebuilding and building your life and business the way that you want to do it, but no one’s gonna come and do the work for you.

Your purpose can carry you through a lot of heartache, hard times and hardships when you are focused on serving others. Always remember the people who miss out, if you don’t show up. Of course, you’re gonna have days where you don’t want to get out of bed and maybe you don’t, but hopefully you have built your business in a way that is resilient. Circumstances might change, but your mindset does not have to. You can rise above the crashing waves or go beyond the break. 

You can start by simply reading books, listening to podcasts and consuming content that is going to raise your vibration. This isn’t something that just happened overnight. To be totally transparent. I spent a large chunk of money in 2020 and 2021 on mindset work through therapy and life coaching. Why? Because it is so important to continue to do the work with excellence to be able to lead others. I can’t do that if I’m not taking care of myself. Right? 

3. Be True to Your Authentic Self Even In A Difficult Season

This is one of the ways that I was able to replace a six figure salary year, despite honestly working pretty minimally because of different circumstances. It is about being true to my authentic self, loving myself and raising my standards for what I tolerate and I won’t settle for less. Raising standards really changed everything. Remember you were created on purpose and for purpose, and you’re worthy of the results that you wanna create.

It’s up to you to step into that, to love yourself enough, and to believe that you’re worthy of the results you want to create. Just like you would believe in loving, encouraging, and rooting on a friend with the same goals. Sometimes we think self-love as self-serving and selfish, but it is really just speaking to and treating yourself with the love that you so freely give to others. Self-love is also setting and enforcing boundaries for yourself.

The number one reason that people feel unfulfilled in their business and lives is that they’ve said yes to something that’s actually a no. It’s really important to love yourself enough and be true to your authentic self, so that if you need to rebrand your business, you’ll do it.

4. Ask For & Accept Help In Difficult Seasons (And any time!)

As strong and unstoppable as I want you and your mindset to be, you have to recognize that there’s gonna be seasons when we absolutely need help. It’s so key to continuing to move forward. Help can look any number of ways. I leaned on my family, my friends, my therapist, my coach, my team, and hired out whatever I needed to do. I sought people out who could help and that wanted to see me thrive. Let people help you and don’t be afraid to ask. It’s not weak to ask for help or be helped. It’s healthy and wise. If you seek help, it’s gonna get you where you want to go in life or business.

Without a lot of unnecessary strife, we are meant to work in community. We are meant to support and come alongside one another. Remember that if you find yourself in a difficult time period. It’s also a way for other people to be able to provide a blessing. It blesses them to help you. 

5. Build a Business Framework 

Last but not least, I’m passionate about building a framework for your business. This created the possibility for me to take a lot of time off, a lot of steps back, and be able to match that income that I left 2017 that was above six figures. It is that’s absolutely mind blowing to me, but it’s also not because it was very intentional in the way that I’ve built a marketing framework that works for me, so that I don’t have to show up. That’s why I’m so passionate about the Influence, Impact and Income Academy. The exact framework I share there is the way I’ve built and sustained my own business through both difficult seasons and amazing ones.

I want to encourage you to build your business for the long term, not the short term, quick money, or easy way. Build something that’s gonna support your best life and be in alignment with your values even in a difficult season. That is what I want for you! You are a Maverick. Keep shining and doing your thing.

In a difficult season yourself and want to hear even more? Check out the full episode on the Maverick Momprenuer podcast HERE.

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difficult season

difficult season