In this episode I am sharing what I strongly recommend as the first 3 email funnels you should set up for your online business to get off on the right foot with your new leads (who will hopefully become your raving fans and paying customers/clients!)

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Episode 89 Transcript: “The First 3 Email Funnels You Need In Your Online Business”


Hello, hello, and welcome back to the Maverick Mompreneur Podcast. I am your host Ashley, and I am so glad you’re here. Today we’re going to be talking about a super crucial topic for any new business. So whether you’re starting a new business from scratch, or whether you are pivoting and you’re doing something different, you gotta have email funnels. So these funnels are the secret to building strong relationships, providing value, and nurturing your leads, which is eventually going to lead to sales and your bottom line. So in this episode, I’m gonna give you the top three email funnels that you should set up, A S A P in a new business. Let’s get started.


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By joining the wait list, you’ll get access to exclusive bonuses. You’ll also be the first to know when enrollment opens. This program is now offered only one time per year, so you don’t wanna miss this opportunity to transform your business going into the next year. This will not be run again for six to nine months after this next round opens up in the end of 2023. So if you’re interested in getting on that wait list, head over to social seller to CEO academy.com to learn more and join our wait list today. Spaces for the program are limited, so don’t delay. Get yourself on that wait list. I cannot wait to work with the women who are ready to elevate their brand from social seller to c E O, creating exceptional offers and truly being the boss of your brand and business. Alright, Mavericks, let’s kick things off with the first email funnel that you need, and that is your welcome email funnel.


This funnel is all about making that first impression and setting the stage for a connection that will hopefully last for the long haul with your audience. The whole purpose of a welcome email funnel is introducing yourself, setting your expectations for what they can expect from your emails and making your new subscribers, aka your leads, feel valued right from the start. And of course, you’re going to do this in an automated way. I personally use active campaign and love active campaign. I’ve also used in the past, when I first started out as a mom blogger, I used Mad Mimi. It was a little more affordable, but active campaign is really robust and has all of the functions I need. And then I got introduced to Kajabi, which is where I host all of my courses. And there’s actually email tied in there too, but at this point I have so many automated sequences and forms and all the things, I just don’t wanna transfer it over.


So anyhow, the welcome email series is really important, and this is gonna be sent to any new subscriber who joins your mailing list. So the things that you want to consider as far as content in these emails, I would definitely start by sharing your story. So your personal brand and business story, letting your subscribers get to know you. The face behind the business, if you will, although pro tip in your first initial email, it’s going to be less likely to hit their spam folder, a k A actually get into their inbox if you do not have an image within that first email. And so if you can have it just be text, that would be better for your first initial email so that they will actually get it, open it, and then the rest of your email emails will actually get to them. The next thing that you wanna consider including in these emails, is some of your best content.


So this is an automated way to get some of your best stuff in front of your new leads. So blog posts, podcast episode videos, free webinars, anything that showcases your expertise, it’s gonna help you build credibility and demonstrate the value you provide. They’re going to want to open your next email because they’re going to see that you know what you’re talking about. You know your stuff going along with this, if you don’t have a bunch of free content that you can direct people towards, is offering some sort of free resource or a discount code depending on your business. A free resource could be something like, uh, a mini course. So what I’ve done in the past, and actually this is still running in a couple of funnels, I did a free brand bootcamp that I turned into a video email series. And so that’s a series of emails with videos and worksheets and things like that.


It could be an ebook, anything that’s a token of appreciation for being on the list. By giving that immediate hyper value, you’re gonna leave that positive impression on your subscribers. They’re going to want to open your email. And then of course, in every email you want to have some sort of call to action. So in a welcome series, a great call to action would be to go follow you on a particular social media forum. So maybe it’s Instagram for me, I direct people to come follow me on Instagram or join my free Facebook group. And you can also prompt them to reply to your email with some sort of question or thought or feedback on what you’re sharing. You want to encourage engagement with your emails. If you’re interested in seeing my welcome email series, you can always subscribe to my free brand toolkit or you can join my Facebook group.


Both of those will get you a welcome series email. But the next funnel I’m gonna talk about is actually the lead magnet funnel. And so both of those things, both my free Facebook group that has a ton of training videos in there, like hundreds of hours of training and my ebook, the side business to six figure case study, and my free personal brand toolkit, all three of those are lead magnet funnel. So the purpose of that type of funnel is to capture leads. So get someone’s name, email, and maybe possibly phone number two, and provide them value with a free resource, which is known as a lead magnet, a freebie opt-in, lots of different names, but let’s kind of explore this further. So the lead magnet funnel is going to be put into play when a subscriber is gonna opt in to get your free resource.


So there’s lots of ways to promote your free resource. It could be through an ad, it could be through seo, it could be pinned in your profile on Facebook or Instagram. It could be you directing them to a link in bio through a reel or a piece of content, but they’re going to opt in to get that free resource. So once they’ve shown interest, it’s super important to follow up with a series of emails that are gonna keep them engaged with you and really showcase you because they are going to open that email most likely because they want that free resource. They just requested it. And so you get a chance to get in front of them and hopefully keep their attention. Okay, so what kinds of things do you include in these emails for this funnel? Okay, so number one, obviously you’re gonna deliver the resource and express your thanks for their interest in that resource.


I store most of my free resources or used to in Google Drive, so in Google Drive or in a resource library within your website. So on TaylorMade mama.com, that was my first website. Every single page of my blog had an opt-in to my resource library with different resources that went along with that blog post. I built a list very quickly to nearly 10,000 through this method. And so you wanna make sure that you have your lead magnet stored somewhere, whether that’s on your website or just in Google Drive or in Dropbox, and that you’re delivering within the email a link to that resource. Or if it’s in your course platform, you are delivering them a link to your course platform, however it is that you’re storing your free resource. Then on top of that, this is your chance to give them related content that’s gonna keep them engaged and again, demonstrate that authority that you have your expertise even more.


So this can be sharing with them a recent blog post that you have a video that’s on YouTube, a really any content so long as it lines up with the lead magnet, so long as it’s relevant to what they signed up for. What I like to do is at the end of the email, say something along the lines of, can’t wait to check in with you tomorrow. Make sure to check your email. We are going to be talking about blabbity blah. And so give them a little teaser about why they might want to open that next email. And so as you go through your series of emails, you’re nurturing these leads who have opted in for something. You can also low key introduce your products or services as a natural progression. One way to do this without even being in someone’s face is to direct them to a blog post.


And in that blog post, they’re going to be able to play around on your site. You can have an exit intent popup. So when someone’s about to leave, they’ve read a popup can come up for a webinar or a one-time paid offer. There’s all kinds of ways to do this in your nurture sequence. You can also provide as a piece of value, a one-time offer to your new leads. So for example, in my lead magnet series, there’s a one-time offer of one of my courses at a very, very, very discounted rate. And the reason that I do that is I want to make it so much of a no-brainer, but also knowing that that’s such a foundational course to the rest of my offer suite, to the rest of what I I have to offer. And I know they’re going to receive so much massive value from that that I hope that that will build, that know, like, and trust factor and demonstrate the authority that I do have with my new contacts who don’t know me yet.


And so remember, some of this is going to be the first, second, third touch that they’re ever going to encounter with you. So make sure that you are taking that opportunity to really demonstrate what you know and how you can serve your new audience members that are on your list. So the more you can keep the conversation going, the more you can continue to demonstrate that you’ve got all this value, this content that you are repurposing that’s evergreen in these funnels, whether it be your podcast episodes or your blog post or whatever it might be. You are each and every time someone comes into your world, they’re getting the same sequence of value coming from you. This is so powerful verse relying on social media and hoping that you get a reel that goes viral or whatever it may be. Okay, the third funnel to set up is going to be your nurture sequence.


So this would be regular emails that you send to your audience to keep them interested and connected with you, with your brand, what you have to offer. So this can really be anything as far as what you include in these emails. It’s literally endless. And this is something that you can set up in an automated fashion, or if you have something that you publish weekly, which is what I do, I have a weekly podcast episode. And so the way that I nurture my leads over time is by giving them that content via email, giving them a free resource as often as I can with that podcast episode as subscribers. So you can include things like tips, insights, it can even be affiliate products, books that you’re reading that are relevant to your audience, exclusive offers that will keep your subscribers excited about being on your list, engaged with what it is you have to offer.


You can share success stories, case studies, things that are gonna inspire your audience, that are gonna motivate them to take action, that are gonna get them excited to open your emails. You can send them personalized again with a nurture series. The purpose is to really make those connections with your audience. If you think about opening an email from someone that’s really in your personal space, and so you wanna make sure that when someone opens an email from you, they’re excited, they’re delighted by this email and the content that it has because it’s so relevant to them. And that way, once you have these three types of funnels set up, so a nurture funnel, a lead magnet funnel, and a welcome funnel, you are gonna ensure that your leads, the people who are on your email list, turn from leads to raving fans. And then when you do have an offer that you market towards your email list you’ve already established in an automated way that know, like, and trust, that authority that go-to nature, that really is a huge part of why people will do business with you.


All right, so that’s pretty much it. Those are the three funnels that I would recommend that you set up, a S A P, the welcome funnel, the Lead magnet funnel, and the Nurture Funnel. Remember to keep your emails personalized, segment your audience whenever possible, and by segment I mean get particular people who opted in for particular lead magnets or offers into a separate list so that you can make sure that you’re only sending emails that are relevant to what they signed up for. I hope this helps you as you are rebranding, pivoting, or starting a new business to set up email sequences that are really going to help to nurture your leads and ultimately lead you to raving fans and sales. Until next week, cheers to your impact and I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. My goal is to help as many women in business online as possible to build strong, powerful, aligned and profitable personal brands. The best way to show you appreciate this content is to screenshot and share on your social media or share with your team. Actually even better would be to also leave a review for the podcast on whichever platform you’re listening on. If you are looking for any additional support, you can always reach me via email at hello elevated with ashley.com. You can DM me on Instagram at Ashley r Latimer, or join us in the Free Elevate Academy for brand building maverick marketers and mompreneurs Facebook community. Can’t wait to chat with you next week.