You can listen to Maverick Mompreneur Podcast Episode 58. “Embodiment & Next Level Energy/Vibes (PHOENIX Session #4 Audio)” by clicking below!

This episode is the audio of session #4 of my POWERFUL course, Phoenix!

If the episode resonates with you and you’d like to dive into the rest of the curriculum you can snag the full course which includes the following sessions.

Three POWERFUL video modules with companion worksheets:

SESSION 1) Aligning, Defining & Envisioning YOUR Next (most authentic and powerful!) Season.

SESSION 2) Your Brand Content + Message (Expression Of Your Transformation & Authentic Self For Others)

SESSION 3) Getting Past F.O.O.O. (Fear Of Others’ Opinions) and Amplifying Your Voice

SESSION 4) Next Level Energy/Vibe – Embodiment



1. Phoenix, the self-paced course:





2. Phoenix, within my membership where you get instant access to ALL my courses (as long as you are a member), as well as 2x monthly group coaching calls with me to support you through implementation and growth, and so much more:

If you are looking for additional support or mentorship, you can always reach me via email at hello@elevatedwithashley.com.

You can DM me on Instagram @ashleyrlatimer or join us in my free Facebook Group, Elevate Academy For Personal Brand-Building Female Entrepreneurs.

Resources and Programs Mentioned:

1:1 Coaching Waitlist


Social Seller To CEO Academy™️




Self-paced Courses To Help You Develop Your Multiple Stream Of Revenue Personal Brand:


FREE Personal Brand Toolkit:


    • Zero to six-figure personal brand case study
    • Personal Branding 101 workbook
    • Ideal client avatar worksheet and video training
    • Brand content brain dump strategy and worksheet
    • Editable Canva templates
    • Weekly To Do Planner
    • ICA Pain Point/Desires Offer Brainstorm
    • Worksheets that go along with many of my podcast episodes (Find Your Why, etc.)
    • and more!