Today we’re going to talk about why your voice so important and then how the heck you can find it.

You can have a very saturated market. You can have a bunch of people doing the same thing, but they are going to stand out if they’re being authentic. If they’re being themselves to the people that they’re meant to stand out to, then they will.

I understand my brand. I understand how to use my voice and my unique marketing style, which really make thousands upon thousands of people doing the same thing. Irrelevant. So, think about that person. And why do you follow that person? Probably if I had to take a guess as somebody that your vibe with, that you relate to, for some reason or more than one reason you enjoy being around them, probably virtually, or maybe even in birth, you like their energy.

And that really is the differentiator that’s going to ultimately set you apart. If you choose to change your content, if you choose to make a pivot that can change, but what should never adapt, and change is your authentic self. And you being you, unless you’ve been showing up, not as that. And then of course you want to lean into being your authentic self, using your voice. So, what is voice?

Have you ever heard that phrase, your vibe attracts your tribe? I think it’s super obnoxious, but it’s also true if you’re using your voice and you’re being authentic, you’re going to attract people who resonate with that resonate with you in life and in business. And those are the people that are going to stick around.

Maybe you’re introverted, a little crass or like to cuss in your marketing. You might be a little goofy or more straightforward. All of that is wonderful and will be so refreshing to your people. Leaan into that!  The right people will absolutely love the things about your personality that make you, you, and that’s what they’re going to stick around for, right.

It starts with listening to yourself and really thinking about these things.

  • What makes you uniquely you?
  • What are the things that make you uniquely you think about what phrases do you use?
  • What stories do you tell when you’re talking to your friends or your teammates?
  • What comes up, you know, regularly?
  • What are your quirks?
  • How do you want to add to the conversation that’s already going on in your niche?
  • Do you have something from your experience, from your perspective, that’s just a slightly different spin that brings your voice to your niche.
  • How do you speak or think that’s unique to everyone we’re all designed so differently?
  • How do you uniquely speak or think you, one thing that you can do, that’s practical?

If you record reading your posts, so maybe you write up a post record reading a couple of your posts and listen to them.

It’s refreshing in the online space. And I’m just excited to see more and more of that. So don’t hold back. Don’t change who you are, be that for your audience, show up for them, show up for the people in your life powerfully and use the voice that you already have. You don’t have to really find it. It’s there just unleashed. There’s one other quote that I really like by Judy Garland. I’m looking at my notes and I didn’t mention it earlier, but I love this. She said always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else. So, this goes back to keeping your blinders on, maybe unfollowing people in your niche. I think that’s one thing that really doesn’t help to follow a bunch of people in your niche and be constantly distracted by how they’re saying things.

Step into your power, use that voice that you have within you. And don’t be afraid to be yourself because that’s exactly what you. I just appreciate you so much and your support have a great, and I will see you back next week.

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