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I wanna ask you a question today before we get started. Have you ever been showing up consistently in your business? You’re creating value and adding content for your niche, then you ask for the sale and hear crickets. It’s a little flop. How did that make you feel? I’ve been there. I’m gonna tell you how a flopped launch changed the way I view failures along with the mindset with which I approach launches. So let’s talk about it.

I’ve narrowed it down to two different categories that I hope will be helpful to you as you’re building an online business through the peaks and valleys of life.. So let’s start with story time.

The Flopped Launch

I had a launch back in August of 2021. At the time, my revenue coming in monthly was great, but I was counting on this launch to go well. I was actually anticipating a six figure launch, to be honest. I was not gonna change anything with the program or marketing, but did increase the price slightly. Literally one person signed up. I think my audience size target audience size and engagement was all good. Since the last time I launched the program, nothing had really changed, but it was a total flop.

My life and business coach, Krista Cannon, kept checking in with me to see how I was doing, because noticed I wasn’t celebrating any signups coming in. She said it is really fascinating to see the growth over the last year and a half or two years. I was thinking you would be beside yourself and need support.”  I’m like, no girl, I’m all good. The older version of myself would’ve been devastated and had it completely tied to my self-worth. In fact, my biz bestie and bestie in general, Jody, was doing the same thing and she commented with: “What in the heck are you what’s going on? Why are you so happy?” I genuinely was so happy. I’m gonna tell you why, because this is the part that I want to give to you.

Show Love

Speak to yourself like someone you love. This has been something I’ve worked on for a couple of years now. I think sometimes we get it twisted and think self love means that you’re selfish. I beg to differ. We’re supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves and various iterations of that. If we don’t love ourselves, then how are we supposed to love our neighbor? You have to love yourself first.

From there you have this crazy outpouring of compassion, empathy and love for other people despite their flaws as well. I felt so amazing during that failed launch, because I was literally talking to myself as I would speak to a client about the same situation. It was amazing to show up and show love for myself. It was such a pivotal moment where I was celebrating growth and all the individuals who have really come alongside me as I’ve learned how to love myself. I want the same for you.

Launch Flop and Business Growth

When I launched in August, it was for some of the newer people in my audience. It was the first time they saw me powerfully showing up. Think about a launch as a part of your business, it’s a part of creating momentum in your business. When you’re in launch mode, you’re showing up, talking about the solutions you provide and speaking to the pain points of your ideal client. I also had other people in my existing audience reach out one on one leading to other sales.

That launch definitely flopped, but the revenue that came in from me showing up as a part of my business was actually pretty amazing, including one very high profile client who is literally my dream client. She reached out to me to help her with creating a course. We’re doing this really exciting, done for you consultation package around creating this course and packaging her genius. It’s just been the most incredible experience.

She would not have reached out to me unless I had been going through that launch and basically selling myself. Remember, when you are a personal brand, you’re selling your products when you’re launching. Part of it is just creating more brand awareness, selling yourself as a personal brand and allowing people to see you show up powerfully. 

The One Sign Up

So I did have one student sign up for the program that I was launching, but it didn’t really make sense for me to run the program live for just one person. Instead, I offered her a one-on-one package for the same price, she accepted and it has been amazing. It’s been exactly what she needed. I have also fallen in love with one-on-one coaching again. I was really steering myself away from that going into the end of 2021, but I continue to be pulled that way.

It seems like for right now, what my ideal client wants is one-on-one coaching. What I was offering was not what my current audience was looking for. That’s not to say that the next time I launch the program, my audience and new people in my audience won’t be ready for that.

So not only going back to 0.1, not only was it an, was it an experience of really, truly feel self love and practicing what I preach with my clients and the way that I speak to them around this type of thing, all a 0.2, but really applying that to myself and not being, not having a double standard for how I treat others versus how I treat myself. And I think that consistency in and of itself is very powerful in the way that you could show up. I want that for you too! I hope something I’ve said within this episode will help you get there as well.

The Popcorn Analogy

This analogy is called the popcorn analogy. I want you to think about a bag of popcorn. When you put that bag of popcorn into the microwave, you put it on the timer for either the popcorn setting or about three minutes. If you were to stand there in front of the microwave and watch the evolution of the popcorn bag, as it unfolds, you would notice that for the first minute nothing appears to be happening. During the second minute, the bag starts rusting around a little. The last 30 seconds is really when the popcorn kernels start responding to the heat of the microwave. Then, the popcorn kernels start popping off. When that timer goes off, most of the results have come at the very end. A lot of times our sales cycle and our efforts in our business go similarly. You may show up for a launch like I did after some time off.

Then you just jump in, you apply the heat and go, go, go.  At the end of that launch that first minute, there’s no real results to show. Then, if you have to trust and keep applying that steady, constant heat for another launch or another month, you will get results. It is all adding up in your favor and those results will pay off at some point. 

I  hope that helps you the next time you feel like you’ve shown up consistently. You feel like you’re doing all the things, keep going, keep growing, keep speaking to yourself like someone you love, it will all add up in your favor. Just don’t quit. 

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