Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

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If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for female entrepreneurs, I’ve got not one, but TWENTY for you!

We female entrepreneurs are constantly pushing the boundaries, juggling tasks, and chasing our dreams. Having the right support and tools (and a few fun things that just plain make us happy!!) can make all the difference. That’s why I’ve put together a fantastic list of gift ideas that’ll keep you inspired, focused, and on top of your game.

And ladies, next time your partner or family ask what to get you for your birthday, Christmas, etc. send a link to this gift guide their way with the number/s you’d love to have!

Oh, and, if you’re a MOMpreneur, make sure to check out my Mompreneur Gift Guide too (linked here!)

20 Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs:

1. Activate Your Brain WHILE Getting Work Done With A Standing Desk

Ever feel like you’re glued to your chair all day long? Say goodbye to the sedentary life with a standing desk! Trust me, it’s a game-changer. Not only will it improve your posture and reduce back pain, but it’ll also give you the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing, keeping you energized and focused. I’m editing this gift guide from my converted treadmill in-fact (I use this laptop desk over the top of my standard tread). The one pictured below and linked here comes in 5 different colors and is the most highly rated on Amazon.

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We all know we can’t escape the screens – they’re our lifelines! But let’s be real; the blue light can be harsh on our eyes. That’s where blue light blocking glasses come to the rescue. Not only will they shield your eyes from strain and headaches, but they’ll also ensure you get a good night’s sleep after those late-night work sessions. I have and love the ones pictured below:

3. Audiobooks On-the-Go with an Audible Subscription

As busy entrepreneurs, time is our most precious asset. Make the most of your commutes, workouts, or chill time with an Audible subscription. Dive into a treasure trove of audiobooks that’ll feed your mind and soul, from personal development gems to inspiring business stories. Get your 30 Day Free Trial – CLICK HERE!

Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

Speaking of books, there is a list linking to all my favorite personal and professional development books in my FREE Personal Brand Toolkit.


4. Stay Motivated with a Word of the Year Bracelet

Sometimes, we all need that extra push to keep going. A word of the year bracelet can be your constant companion, reminding you of your core focus and aspirations. Pick a word that resonates with your journey – courage, resilience, or innovation – and wear it with pride! I wear mine (2023 word of the year is “Intention”) and my long-term 1:1 clients receive one of these bracelets in their welcome box from me!Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

5. Wear Your Passion with an Entrepreneur Sweatshirt

This one is my personal favorite (I have it in grey!)!

Here’s another super cute sweatshirt for entrepreneurs:

6. Streamline with a Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock

Tangled wires and scattered devices? Not cool! A multi-device charging station is the perfect gift to keep your workspace tidy and efficient. Charge your phone, tablet, and smartwatch simultaneously and conquer your day like the boss you are.

7. Breathe Life into Your Office with an Office Plant

Every entrepreneur deserves a breath of fresh air in their workspace. Elevate your surroundings with a lush office plant – it adds a touch of serenity and boosts your productivity, all while purifying the air around you. Here are some good options from Amazon (click to shop!):

8. Elevate Your Desk Game with Stylish Desk Accessories

Personalize your desk with chic and functional accessories. A nameplate, a custom mouse pad, the cutest business card (or photo) holder, or a sleek pen holder can add that touch of professionalism and personality that sets you apart.

This is in my personal cart right now!

Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

9. Embrace Comfort with a Laptop Stand

Bid farewell to neck strain and discomfort! A laptop stand raises your screen to eye level, promoting better posture and increased focus. Plus, it’s portable, making it a must-have for work anywhere, anytime.

10. Take Steps Towards Wellness with a Treadmill for Under the Desk

Fitness meets productivity with a treadmill designed to fit under your desk. Say hello to staying active while getting work done – a win-win situation for every hardworking female entrepreneur!

11. Savor Your Sips with an Ember Mug

No more cold coffee woes! An Ember mug keeps your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature throughout your busy day. Sip, savor, and conquer those entrepreneurial challenges with ease.


12. Stay Connected with AirPods

Wireless freedom and superb sound quality – AirPods are a true game-changer for entrepreneurs on the move. Whether it’s taking important calls or immersing yourself in motivational podcasts, AirPods have got your back.

13. Keep Tabs on Your Belongings with a Tile Tracker

We’ve all experienced the frustration of misplaced items. A Tile tracker helps you locate your keys, wallet, or any other essentials with ease. Simply use your smartphone to find what you need, when you need it.

14. Shine Bright with a Ring Light

As a content creator or virtual meeting expert, lighting is everything! A ring light ensures you always look your best on camera, making those presentations and videos stand out from the crowd.

Make sure to check out this article, How To Take Your Own Brand Photos To Use For Promotion On Your Website, Sales Pages, & Social Media,” that has more on the type of lighting I use!

15. Protect Your Laptop in Style with a Chic Geek Laptop Cover

Your laptop is your lifeline – give it the protection it deserves with a Chic Geek laptop cover. Choose a design that speaks to your personality and adds a dash of flair to your daily hustle. I have been very impressed with the quality of these case. Truly “chic”! So many fun colors to choose from.

Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

16. Upgrade Your Tech with a MacBook Air

If you’re due for an upgrade or need a sleek and powerful companion, the MacBook Air is a fantastic choice. Lightweight, reliable, and designed for productivity, it’ll be your trusted sidekick on your entrepreneurial journey. You can also get renewed/refurbished MacBooks on Amazon for much less than the current model!

17. Carry Your Office on Your Back with a Computer Carrier Backpack

On-the-go entrepreneurs need a reliable and spacious backpack to keep everything organized. A computer carrier backpack with padded compartments ensures your laptop and essentials stay safe and secure, no matter where you roam.

Azaria Laptop Backpack: I have the black version of this backpack and it is DIVINE. 4 water bottle pockets (two interior & two exterior) and the best organization I’ve seen in a backpack that could easily double as a diaper or toddler backpack. The La Mere Grand fits up to a 15” laptop.

La Mere Grand – color, camel

18. Feed Your Mind with Entrepreneur and Personal Development Books

As entrepreneurs, we never stop learning and growing. Fuel your mind with books written by successful business leaders and personal development experts. The wisdom you gain will undoubtedly propel you towards greater success. Here is a running list of some of the books that have impacted my journey the most!

19. Express Yourself with a Journal

A journal is your private canvas to unleash creativity, plan your goals, and reflect on your journey. Embrace the power of putting pen to paper, and watch your ideas and inspirations flourish. Here are two I love:

20. Haute Stock Photo Membership

Many of the gorgeous photos you see here on my site are from this photo membership I’ve been a part of since 2017. We LOVE Haute Stock at Elevated With Ashley!

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Ladies, I hope these gift ideas for female entrepreneurs leave you feeling inspired and empowered on your path. Remember, each day is a chance to grow, learn, and conquer new heights. Whether you’re embracing the standing desk life, taking charge with a ring light, or diving into an inspiring audiobook, these gifts are all about nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit. So, go ahead and treat yourself or that fierce female entrepreneur in your life with one of these fantastic gifts.

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Gift Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs