Today, I’m going to share the 80/20 principle and how it applies to building your business online. If you haven’t heard of the 80/20 rule before, I’m going to break it down for you super simply. Then, we’re going to get to the root of what you need to be doing every single day to grow your business regardless of what you’re selling.

The 80/20 Principle

We often talk about the 80/20 principle like a diet, but I’m talking about getting results. The 80/20 principle is basically that 80% of the outcomes that we have in anything really only comes from 20% of the input that we give. It serves to reason that we should probably figure out what those 20% items are and focus on those. Every day in every season, there are certain things that you as an individual, depending on where you’re at in your business, need to focus on. I’m gonna give you a general idea, but you can either do the legwork on your own or book a brand new strategy session with me.

Before you start this process, you really have to know what your goal is. Are you trying to build a successful network marketing team? Want to recruit more amazing humans onto your team? Selling a lot of your affiliate and network marketing products? Your outputs are going to look different depending on your goals. This principle can also apply if you are wanting to promote your own offers, products, courses, coaching or whatever.

The important part when you are building influence, an audience and a community, which we’re about to talk about, is to be yourself and not try to pretend like things are all peachy. Share your journey of becoming the role model that you want to be. Before I reveal to you the three things that you need to do everyday to grow your business and income, let’s do a little bit of journaling. I want you to ask yourself these two questions:

When you were getting results, relatively small or huge, what were the conditions? What were the actions you took to get those results? What were the conditions like? How was your mindset? What were you doing for personal development? Were you going live regularly? Your 80% might be a lack of results, right? If we tweak that 20% we’ll find the keys to unlocking those results.

What things keep you from taking the actions that are going to move the needle? It may be things like scrolling endlessly or consuming more content than you’re creating. Is it inconsistency? Are you attending 1000 zooms? Are those calls getting your results or keeping you from having the time to take the focused actions? Now, there is some truth to the phrase ‘show up to go up’,  but if you’re just showing up and not doing that 20% that’s going to actually get you results, then get off those zooms.

The first step is figuring out just from what you know and have done, what actually worked. Then, do more of that, right? So it stands to reason, this is what I did when I had a $35,000 month, which was by far my biggest month in business. I was so dialed in on the 20%.I was so aligned and knew exactly what I needed to do for that month to make it happen. Trust me when I say this is what you do. Here are the three things that you need to be doing for your business to grow:

1. Grow your target audience and community.

The first thing you need to be doing is growing a target audience. Now, at this point, I’m still growing a target audience, but it’s not my main driving focus. I’m going to continue growing my audience daily, but I have systems for that. If you don’t have a target audience, then now is the time to focus on growing a target audience and building community. How can you sell and make conversions with an audience who doesn’t care what you’re talking about? That doesn’t make sense.

2. Nurture Your Community.

You can nurture your community with relevant content and engagement. Okay, so this could be emails, lives, posts, etc, It truly depends on where you’re building your target audience. Is it Instagram? Are you using reels to grow? What’s your growth plan? Are you using a Facebook ad that is running in the background? Are you using your blog?

How are you growing your audience and how do you plan to nurture your community? Before you start making offers, you need to be nurturing your community for at least a month. You’ll use that month to deliver value adding content that’s on brand and speaks directly to your avatar.

If you grow your target audience, but you don’t nurture them, your business won’t grow, because people don’t know, like and trust you. Well, you could run an ad and bring in the masses and never show up, but it’s unlikely that you would make any sales that way. You simply have to nurture the audience you build in order to keep moving forward.

3. Make offers and sell every day.

So, how do you do this? If you’re like me, I have systems running in the background. There are funnels going to sell my affiliate network marketing products every day with sales every single day, but you don’t see me doing it. That’s part of what I teach in my Academy.

Are you selling network marketing products? Are you selling your own services or products, making offers in your stories every day, okay, doing real value added content, and referring people to a link and bio, okay, so making an offer and selling to that audience, every day, you are a business, when you show up on social media,

You should, in some way, shape or form, be making an offer every day, If you’re not offering something every day, then you’re leaving money on the table, right? So grow your audience, nurture that community that you’re building, and make offers and sell to them every single day whether that’s email, on social media or wherever.

If you grow a target audience and build community, but never make offers, you’re going to make no money, you’re just going to be popular and have a bomb community, which is fine. If you’re like me, you’re here to make an impact and income, so you have got to throw in the income piece somewhere.

Bonus: Build a Personal Brand

I’m going to be straight up…You’ve probably noticed a difference in my tone, because I have realized that no strategy will be as effective or powerful as it could be if you’re not focusing on you as a personal brand. Before anything else, make sure that you are your authentic self and sharing products, recruiting and leading in a way that you feel in alignment with. Also, make sure that you are growing yourself professionally, personally and spiritually.

You may be surprised to find out that the month where I made $35,000 plus was mainly spent focusing on my own self. It’s not selfish. If you are trying to attract your ideal client avatar, don’t you want to be the most ideal version of you that you can? That requires you protecting your energy and nurturing yourself.

It is no one else’s responsibility, but our own to take care of our spirits and hearts. I’m going to keep preaching this, because it changed my freaking life when I realized that it’s okay, healthy and good for those that you serve, your family and your audience, to focus on and love yourself. You are worth it! If you don’t, trust me, it’s not attractive, powerful or magnetic.

If you need to upgrade your 20% to two hours of personal development a day for like a month, please go do that before you start building an audience. It’s going to be so much more powerful. If you are in alignment and know exactly what you need to do, then go hire a coach. I have a therapist and a life coach. I’m constantly investing in myself, so that I can show up for you guys better and more powerfully. It doesn’t just happen magically. You have to do the freaking work, right? It’s worth it and it’s not selfish. If the intention is for you to be able to be your best self, be your best.

Let’s Wrap up

What I really hope that you take away from this is that the most important element of building a personal brand is building you. It is seeking out mentorship, if you need it. It’s different for everyone. If you’re building a personal brand, but not building yourself, it’s not going to work long term. It’s definitely not going to be as powerful as it’s meant to be. You are meant to be  powerful with your message and the content you’re meant to share. You have so much value, so please take care of yourself.

Remember those three elements: grow your audience, nurture that community and make offers/sell every day. Don’t be afraid of it. If you need help, holler at your girl! You can message me HERE and we can see how working together may be a fit.

Want to book a brand strategy session with me? Message me HERE and I’ll send over my coaching menu.