I have a question for you. Do you know your ideal client avatar? Do you feel like you’re attracting that person onto your email list and or into your business? If you’re not sure, or if it’s a hard no, we need to get you clarity on this i you’re wanting to generate influence impact and income through your brand period. End of story. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

What is a Client Avatar?

A client avatar basically a made up figure or character that represents your ideal client, customer or business partner. It’s this prototype of a person that you are constantly thinking about and creating for. You want to think about what this person would be inspired by, what they want to learn about and what they need help with. What problems you can solve for them?

Here are some questions to jot down answers to:

  • How old is this person? 
  • Is this person a male or female?
  • Do they have kids?
  • What are their pain points?
  • Any things that keep them up at night?
  • Do certain things drive them nuts that you may be able to solve?
  • What do they want in life?
  • What would speak to them oftentimes?

About Ideal Client Avatars

I know for me, my ideal client avatar, is an earlier version of you. If you think about where you were at couple years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago, what did you need to know? What would you would have loved to hear from you knowing what you know now? What would’ve attracted you to follow or want to work with someone like you, what would they have been sharing that you would have just been like a moth to a freaking flame, creating your avid tar? It’s really helpful to have an actual, like, what I do with my clients is go through a worksheet and you’re actually literally creating a visual representation on a paper of your avatar that you can have next to your desk or wherever you’re creating content all the time.

Practical Steps for Creating Content

Here are a few practical steps to create content for that avatar:

You want to write and or speak as if you’re speaking to one person. I don’t actually have a name for my avatar, but I do know this person very well. Before you go to post or write to him or her, ask yourself what they need to hear or what would serve them. I definitely know that someone who’s building a personal brand online and wanting to create income and impact would absolutely need to have a good point of reference on what an ideal client avatar is.

Don’t just understand who you’re speaking to, but also listen to your ideal client avatar. How are they? Are they responding to the content that you’re creating? What seems to be resonating with them? What are they engaging with the most? Use feedback to guide your next steps as you’re creating content and building your brand. Then, go and create content that’s gonna resonate even deeper with them. 

Refine Your Brand

This may help you to refine and hone in on your brand. If you’re someone who’s building a personal brand and you’re including five different elements and you’re a little bit all over the place, and haven’t really narrowed it down to your one, two, maybe three things that you are building authority on you are becoming the role model for this may help you to narrow down your focus.

As long as it’s, what is resonating with your audience is also something enjoyable for you to create because obviously long term plays here. We don’t want to be creating content that makes you miserable to create.  If you need more help narrowing down your avatar and getting really nitty gritty, I definitely recommend that you sign up for Align. It’s going to be an in depth training with worksheets and all the things you need to help you work through that.

Where to Show Up for Your Avatar

One question that I get asked a lot about is where to show up for your avatar. This has to be determined by you and where you feel comfortable. For some people that’s gonna be Instagram. So maybe you’re just loving, creating reels and short form video, because that is really how to grow organically in 2022. So maybe you’re wanting to build community there on Instagram, cause you love doing that.

That’s how you grow there, right? Maybe you’re like me and what my recommendation is. Well, my number one recommendation is to grow your target audience filled with your ideal client avatar in the way that best fits you. But for me, the best way, as far as social media is to drive to a Facebook brand group, a Facebook brand community that is more of my hub. So once someone is in that group, I’m a leader in that group. It is my group where I’m showing up powerfully, showing up energetically, delivering free content, communicating with members and engaging with them regularly.

It’s my group. It’s not that I own Facebook, but one of the requirements to enter my brand group is to give an email address. I’m building my email list with my ideal client avatar and getting them into one place where I can literally deliver the kind of content that I know that they want consistently all around personal branding and how to create multiple streams of income.

Where You’ll Be Online

Figure out where you feel most comfortable building your audience. The nice thing about a Facebook brand group is that it can help if you are not quite sure of which direction you want to head with your personal brand. Then, having a brand group that’s really niche down to one specific area can help you to build there. It also leaves you the ability to pivot while you are refining your brand. Initially, I just focused in on my online business content within my Facebook group and I’ve since expanded it. I did not start posting about online business coaching and topics around that on my public pages for at least a year, so all of my income was made through a Facebook group.

Let me clarify. I should not say all because a part of my brand income comes through my social retail business. The majority of my income being from my own brand came from the Facebook group, You want to have an audience to launch offers and products to that knows, likes and trusts you. This will be a group that you already know will benefit from your content. If you have the perfect message and amazing products, services or opportunities. If you’re not in front of your ideal client avatar, you’re not going to generate sales.

Let’s Wrap It Up

More on all things, ideal client avatar, and particularly how to get in front of your ideal client avatar in Align. Make sure you go ahead and get enrolled for that. If this is before before February 18th, you could join the live program. If not go ahead and hop in on the self-paced program. Then, go out and publish something on some platform that solves a problem for your avatar. You got this!

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