Today we are going to be talking about five simple components to being an influencer. No matter what industry you’re in, becoming influential is definitely a huge part of your bottom line. It’s also a huge part of the impact that you will make. I’m going to give you a five-part formula to become an influencer.

1. Define your brand

Do you need to have a brand to be successful? Yes! In 2022 and beyond you absolutely must have a standout brand. There are lots of other people doing exactly what you’re doing. What’s going to make you stand out is your strong personal brand.             

You want to define your brand. What are the two to three things that you are going to be known for the more niche down the better, or is it niche down? I never really know. What is it that you are going to be known for in the online space? The narrower focus you can get, the more people know what to expect when you show up online. If you are really interested in refining or defining your brand and really making sure it’s an alignment with your personality, your skillset, your experiences, how you want to monetize all of those things, check out my course on that HERE.

The first component is really defining your brand. How are you going to stand out? If you have a strong personal brand and you do these other four things, then you will be able to sell anything online.

2. Build and Market to a Target Audience

The second piece is to build and market to a target audience. I know when I forgot into the industry of network marketing, I was told to get 5,000 friends on Facebook as quickly as possible, and just friend, the ran ups and just do it, do your DMO. Well, that isn’t so much a great strategy because first of all, not many people are seeing your content of those 5,000. It’s something like 10%, but even less than 10% actually need what it is you’re offering. Right? So, if you build and market to a target audience who are the exact people, the exact person, your ideal client, avatar, who needs exactly what you’re offering, you’re going to have much higher conversions.

There’s lots of ways to do that. Anything from using hashtags on Instagram to running ads on Facebook, I know for my Facebook brand group, Elevate Academy, if you’re not in there, that’s an always linked in the show notes. I used to build that organically. But then when I wanted to scale my business, I ran a targeted Facebook ad to draw in my exact ideal client avatar. And it’s, it’s been amazing. I’ve met the most amazing women and have gained amazing clients through doing that. So, there’s all kinds of ways to build and market to a targeted at audience, but it’s essential if you want to be influential and you want to slay online sales.

3. Share What You Love

The third piece is to share things you love, buy and use regularly your audience. The more that you share other things that you find useful or you think will be super helpful for your target audience, the better. This can include those products from a particular company, because hopefully that product is in alignment with your brand.

If you’re sharing them on your blog, YouTube channel, social media or your podcast, you’re sharing those things, but you’re also sharing other things with your target audience that you actually use, love and think would serve them. 

4. Engage and Build Relationships With Your Audience

The fourth part of becoming an influencer is to engage with your audience and build relationships based on creating content you genuinely feel is going to enhance their lives. I don’t care what platform you are building on. Think about what your ideal client, customer, or business partner is wanting to know more about and what that they need to help with.

What are those things that they could learn from you? What are things that you could learn? You always want to be thinking about your followers, your audience, and what they need to hear on a particular day. This is really going to help you build. I’m sure you’ve heard of the know, like, and trust factor with your audience. It is a huge part of having influence with your audience.

When you show up online, where ever you are building your influence or impacting your income, what is in it for your followers? 

5. Sharing Value Driven Content Regularly and Optimally

I don’t want to see a bunch of one and done content on social media and nothing searchable to back it up. You can do that in many different platforms. I, of course, love using a website. You can literally take some of these longer social media posts and create a blog post. Those can actually be found for exactly what your ideal client avatar is searching for. It’ll be out there evergreen forevermore circulating the internet.

If you are curious about learning more about SEO or learning how to create a marketing framework, that will get you Googleable and from that social media content creation hamster wheel, of course, social media for sure serves its purpose. But for me, the purpose of social media is to get eyeballs and convert them into email list subscribers.                      

In the Influence, Impact and Income Academy, which is my signature course, I teach the entire marketing framework that I have built out over the last four years of trial and error. It is a six figure and beyond marketing framework. I only work about 20 hours sometimes a lot less than that, and sometimes more depending on what’s going on. I really truly have a business that suits the ideal lifestyle I want for myself. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

It doesn’t matter whether you are in network marketing, coaching, or however you monetizing your personal brand, but having a marketing framework that gets you off of the hamster wheel and searchable on Google is where it’s at. If that interests you, make sure that you check it out Align Your Brand HERE for tons more information on exactly what is in that course. It is self-paced, but there’s an option for a one on one coaching session along with it. You can schedule that at any time within a four-month period, so check that out.

I hope this was helpful and I will see you next time!