First of all, please do not expect perfection on the podcast. I am not going to spend a ton of time editing. What I will spend time doing is researching content that will be super helpful for you to get results, but it’s not gonna be perfect. There’s going to be ums. There’s going to be me saying weird, quirky little things, because that’s how I speak in real life. Please do not expect perfection. If you want something super polished and super perfect – this is not gonna be the podcast for you, but I hope you love it anyway.
The other thing not to expect is content that’s only relevant for moms. Yes, most of the clients that I end up attracting and working with are mamas. I also have amazing, incredible clients who have no kids or ever plan to have kids. The content around marketing, monetization, mindset, business and life alignment can apply to any female online entrepreneur. Of course, I will be sharing stories and experiences as a mom to my five year old, Taylor. I’ll also be interviewing other Maverick women who are living life and building business on their own terms.
Let’s be clear. You are welcome here even if you are not a mompreneur. If you’re a female entrepreneur building a business online, I’m here for you. 

Pivots in Life & Business

Today, I want to share about all the pivots I’ve made in business and life. These pivots led me from a 20 something instructional assistant for students with special needs to a late 30’s CEO of a thriving six figure, online course creation and coaching business. More importantly, I became the CEO of my own life. I said it. CEO of my own life. Realizing that I have agency in my own life, I can make decisions accordingly. It’s very empowering. That’s something that I want to transfer along to you.
So, a little bit about my background and story. This will fill in that big blank between where I started and what I’m doing now. Trust me, there’s a lot of twists and turns along the way. Let’s start by backing up to my original background. I was a mild to moderate, special education teacher for eight years. I got my teaching credential and taught middle school for eight years. Then, I got a master’s in educational leadership. From there, I got, what I thought was, my dream job as a program coordinator. During that time, I got married and went on maternity leave.
During maternity leave, I took my first step towards building a brand. My first step was to start a blog called Taylor-Made. The intention of that was to serve other new mamas with things that I was learning and to really be a help. I started understanding that you could monetize and that was really cool. I thought if I’m gonna be creating this content anyway, why not monetize it?

Income Potential

It was a cool little side bonus. It also got me thinking about how there are so many possibilities to do something that lights you up while making an income. I was seeing other people around me do very well in that, but I had planned to go back to work and I did after maternity leave. I went back and worked for one more school year.
It was clear after going back to work, that it was for me torture to be away from my daughter for that many hours per day. I felt like I was not even the one raising her. I was able to see her for an hour, maybe two per day. Obviously when she was getting up at night, I was seeing her then, but I was missing a lot of her life.
My husband, at the time, and I consolidated down to one income. We made a move to a different city, so I became a stay at home mom after that year. I always try to tread lightly around this, because there are no rules. There’s no right way to build a business or be a stay at home mom. There are no rules for these things.
I became a stay at home mom after a year back, but I quickly realized it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I really truly missed working and the adult interaction. I missed a lot of things about work.

The Network Marketing Path 

What I didn’t miss was being away from my daughter all the time. Since I already started building my website and my brand, I decided to step up and continue building. I became introduced to the industry of network marketing through a fellow blogger.
She sent an email blast and said she was building with this company and doing things in a different way. She said she was using SEO and her blog to grow. She wanted to mentor several people who’d like to do the same thing. I said, “Sure, that sounds great.” It sounded like another way to monetize my blog. Plus, the product line was something that I had already been using and sharing a lot.
I even had an article on my blog reviewing the product, while not realizing that I could be an affiliate. So, I jumped at the chance to learn how to build in this different way. I saw that she wasn’t showing up on social media all the time, posting selfies and before and afters. I wasn’t interested in building that way at all. It was not on brand for me, nor was that comfortable. I learned how to build that way and it was very effective.
Once I got into that industry, something happened and I really can’t explain it. If you were introduced to online entrepreneurialism through network marketing, you can probably relate. It took over my entire life.

Where’s the time freedom? 

I felt like the way that I was building wasn’t ‘duplicatable’. Honestly, it just completely consumed me. I was making good personal sales and sponsoring teammates, but it didn’t feel in alignment at all. It felt like my life was completely unbalanced, but I didn’t know how to get off the hamster wheel.
I thought I would keep going a little bit longer and it would get easier. Then, the time freedom people talk about would kick in. Well, it never did. I was doing things the way the top leaders did versus the way that I knew I wanted to market. Honestly, I got very burnt out. It was only about a year before I thought I might leave the industry entirely. It felt like a crock and a pyramid scheme.
Then, I found a company that has a social retail model.  I shifted into that company, because they allowed their affiliates to market however they would like. I saw a chance to get back to building my personal brand while also being able to be an affiliate for a company whose products I believe in. All that to say, it allowed me the time freedom to get back to creating content that served my audience. Somewhere along the way, I kind of fell off the rails and started posting selfies, which was not in alignment for me.

Podcast Theme

A major theme of the podcast is going to be checking in with yourself. It’s about checking in with your values, personality, comfort level, and what feels in alignment. It’s not for this person or that person, your parents or your spouse. This is about what feels in alignment for you. It’s about realizing it’s okay to make pivots and changes. Yes, even if they’re huge ones, because those may be the ones to get you back into alignment.
Doing that will help you be that best version of yourself and serve those who deserve your love, care and energy at your highest capacity. I always want you to come back to your center and check in with what makes you feel in integrity and alignment.
After making that shift into social retail and branding myself, I realized I am gifted at teaching. I have a lot of background in teaching and in educating adults and other leaders. To me, the natural next pivot that got me really excited was teaching online marketing strategies. Getting to share the unique way I’ve built a six figure multi-stream of revenue business, including social re retail is exciting.

Mom Boss to CEO

Now only working about 20 hours a week, and living my best life has involved a lot of big pivots. It felt so good to make the pivot into teaching things that I’ve learned.
I had been building a brand as a mommy blogger, but I didn’t even have my name tied to Taylor-Made Mama. A lot of people thought my name was Taylor. I had to start over with the process of building a brand. I’ll share a little bit about some things I would do differently, when it came to rebranding, pivoting in the future. It’s been over two years since I made that pivot from mom boss to CEO of Ashley Incorporated.
Now I’m starting the podcast to expand upon the message that’s on my heart. I’m moving in a bit of a different direction to a place that feels most aligned to my personality, gifts, preferences, time, and long-term goals. That is what I’m going to be encouraging you to do too. That is not going to be a podcast for every single person. It is not gonna be starting a website for every single person. Although, I think every single online entrepreneur should have a website for purposes of SEO.

Why Start a Podcast?

I have realized the reason for starting the podcast was that my ideal client and avatar is YOU. It’s someone that listens to training and inspirational content on podcasts, so that’s where I want to show up. I know I listen to training and inspirational content on podcasts. So, why would I not create content in a place where my ideal client avatar would enjoy it most and get the most out of it? If you’ve been around a while, you know I’m all about time freedom, SEO based marketing and brand building.

Becoming Searchable

For the past couple of years I’ve been doing live video training in a Facebook group. That’s great and I think there’s are a lot of benefits to Facebook lives. Live video and getting your face in front of people, but it isn’t evergreen or searchable. Someone can’t go on onto Google and search for the content that I’m creating in that way. It might be the very thing they need to hear, but they can’t find it.
Of course, I am still following the Influence, Impact, Income Academy system, my signature program. Now, I’m using the transcription from the podcast as content for the blog with SEO and marketing behind it. Don’t worry if you are an Academy student. It is still highly relevant for me! I just want my voice and message to be out there in a way that’s searchable.Besidesn to the blog, Pinterest and all the other places that we repurpose content, my Facebook community will still be active and it will be a place to discuss topics brought up on the podcast.

Future Podcast Episodes

As far as future episodes, it will be similar to the content I’ve been creating over the last several years. It will be focused on helping you to build and scale an aligned business of your own. We’ll also chat about adding new streams of revenue while keeping your mindset and energy in the success zone. You’re building a business that is going to support your lifestyle: the way that you want to be and the way that you want to live.
I’m gonna incorporate a lot of mindset, self-awareness, and energy protection pieces around that things that have worked for me. Also, I’m planning interviews with other Maverick mamas and women who really blaze their own trail, have taken big pivots and done things outside the box and who are thriving because of it.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope that it empowers you to do the same in your own life and business when you need to. A lot of times we need that little push or encouragement or to see that things work out. The podcast is meant to encourage you to see the benefits of what can be on the other side of a pivot. The brand content pillars for the podcast will be branding, business alignment, marketing, monetization, mindset and self-awareness piece. There is a ton of content to cover!
I hope you’re as excited as I am about the podcast and this community we’re building. I’m really dedicated to putting out content that is going to be helpful to you, serve you and encourage your heart. It’s all about encouraging you to build business and life in a way that feels in alignment to you. I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and make sure to take and share a screenshot into your stories and tag me
Haven’t listened to the newest episode yet? No worries! Tune into the Maverick Momprenuer podcast today.