If ever there was a time to start a Morning Routine now is the time…💯

As I write this, the Covid 19 virus and the world-wide pandemic have made it so that a lot is unknown, uncertain, and out of our control.

Most of us are in lock down, shelter-in-place, or practicing social distancing to do our part to keep ourselves and communities safe.

I don’t know about you but, in times like these, controlling the things that I can helps me to stay sane, centered, positive, and remembering that “this too shall pass.”

Although I feel like staying home all day is a marathon I’ve been preparing for my whole life, I have a lot of Mompreneur and working mama friends who have all of a sudden had their lives/routines flipped upside down.

Why a morning routine? 

Well, besides the research that indicates that having a morning routine will make you more proactive & productive, more energetic, a better problem solver, in a better mood, and improve your finances….

Does this story sound at all familiar?

Her mornings felt rushed.

Her child was her alarm clock. ⏰

Then it was off to the races.

By 10am she’d reheated her cup of coffee twice and felt her patience slipping more times than she could count.

Reading? Reflection? Writing/journaling? Meditation? Alone/me time? Feeling centered? Hot coffee…

Things to be enjoyed regularly in another season of life, but certainly not as a stay-at-home mom of a little one not in school, she told herself.

BUT THEN…a successful friend who seemed to always have ALL the things together (like multiple business, multiple kids, etc) recommended she create a Miracle Morning routine 🤷🏻‍♀️

Why not? Anything to feel less chaos and more peace + productivity!

Read the book, implemented the routine, and this stay + work at home mom’s life changed 🙌🏻

Time and structure to pour into herself in order to have an overflow for OTHERS.

An hour of exactly what she needed to connect with her God, and set her days up to be her best mom, wife and business self!

And, hot coffee ☕️

For 1.5 years. In that time her businesses grew, because SHE grew. Her faith grew because of the discipline to make space to allow for expansion.

She used that precious morning time with INTENTION as so many have found the same results with (namely, pretty much every super successful person you’ll meet or know of).

And then, as can happen, she fell off the AM routine wagon for a few months 😬

And felt it.

I (in case you didn’t gather, “she” is me) definitely felt it.

After a solid year and a half of my morning routine, I found myself either sleeping in because I was staying up WAY late to work on the Influence, Impact & Income Academy curriculum, or waking up early to get right down to tasks/work on my plate, versus doing what got me to the place where I HAD the blessing of that work:

Personal Development.

Become your BEST SELF to serve others BEST.

Upping your personal development game and carving out the time/discipline to make sure it happens everyday will be an absolute GAME CHANGER in your life and business.

You can’t inspire if you aren’t inspired! We can’t call forth greatness in others if you’re feeling like tired garbage.

You know you can do more, be more, and have more but you’re sitting on unrealized potential if you aren’t making the time to pour into yourself so you can pour right back out to others from that state of overflow.

This is SO KEY to creating authentic influence and impact.

So let’s talk about the elements of a solid morning routine according to The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod (I’m currently reading the book for a second time through, but the Miracle Morning Millionaire Version.)

The Elements of a Morning Routine

The elements of a Miracle Morning Routine, which you can choose to do some or all of, in any order are S-A-V-E-R-S:







Silence could include meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing or gratitude.

Affirmations is a HUGE tool in developing a and maintaining positive, growth, success mindset. In the video linked below, I go into more detail about “AFFIRMATIONS” specifically. We discuss why the traditional/old way of doing affirmations that experts and “gurus” have taught DO NOT WORK, and how to write + recite your affirmations powerfully & effectively instead!

You can watch that by clicking on the video below.

Visualization – this is the practice of using your imagination to create a picture of your future and the you that you want to become. Did you know that our brains allow our abilities to improve just by watching other people perform or visualizing ourselves perform?! Crazy cool!

Exercise – if you’re not a morning exercise person that’s okay. I’m not either! I prefer to exercise in the afternoon. Even if you do 5 minutes of stretching, yoga, squats, pushups, etc. It will get your energy (brain and body!) flowing.

Reading – Although reading doesn’t directly produce results, learning from others can definitely collapse time and enrich your life. If you are someone who shares value-added content with your audience via posts or Live video (I assume you are!), a great way to have constant content ideas is to invest 10-15 minutes every morning in reading or listening to a book on audible, then turning around and teaching your audience what you’ve learned!

Scribing is just another word for writing. This may be journaling, writing in your gratitude journal, or even drafting a social media or blog post. Let your thoughts flow from brain to paper.

Definitely snag a copy of The Miracle Morning and read all about each of these components, how to implement, and how they can change the trajectory or your life and business if you’re consistent with this practice.

If you’d like a copy of my exact morning routine, just enter your email below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox (and BONUS,  you’ll get a list of the 13 personal development books I read in the year I 4X’d my online biz income!).

I hope this inspires you to start or re-start your own morning routine. I would love to hear about the routine you create and how it impacts your personal and business growth!


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