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“What is a wise amount of time to spend on your business versus the network marketing part of your brand?”  If you are a network or affiliate marketer, but also building your own brand, take something out to jot down some notes. Part of the way that I monetize online is through a social retail company, however, I do that pretty differently than most. You won’t see me promoting my products or opportunity on social media. I just use a couple of specific funnels. I did build that stream of income in a bit of a different way prior to setting those things into motion.

What You Want

I know that for my ideal client avatar, you have a personal brand online and either want to or do monetize that in multiple different ways. You aren’t trying to pigeonhole yourself into one specific stream of income. Specifically, you’re not wanting to put all your eggs in one basket like network marketing. You want to diversify and be known for your own own brand. You want network marketing as a complimentary part of your brand, right? A piece of it, not the whole dang puzzle.

Do I put a pause on building my own brand? Do I shift into heavily promoting my network products and or opportunity? Those are valid questions. Here are a few things to consider, because there’s no wrong or right way to build a business unless you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t feel good to you.

Don’t Go All In Here

It is very hard for ambitious women like you and I to not go all out, especially if we see an opportunity to do so. If we see other people doing that very thing we think, well, why not me? Keep in mind that network marketing is a complimentary asset to your personal brand. It is perfectly okay for you to not go all out on that one venture. Remember, you can still be ambitious and not be at the top of your company. You can still have really great skill sets in sales without being at the top of your company. I think sometimes people get into network marketing and then all of a sudden they believe that their worth is tied to their rank or whether or not they’ve spoken on stage and things like that.

Is It in Alignment?

Another consideration is if the products or business opportunity as an affiliate are in alignment with your overall personal brand. For example, you see a lot of industry gurus making their own offers for network marketing courses. That’s also helping them to attract their ideal client, which is someone who would want to join them in the business. Does that make sense? 

If your overall brand is a network marketing coach and you’re making your own offers to network marketers, that’s the same ideal client avatar as you would have if you were wanting to recruit business partners into your network marketing business. Now the same goes for a beauty influencer who is doing affiliate marketing for Sigma brushes. They’d be working to attracting the same ideal client with both pieces of their brand. They could even create a membership where they’re teaching people how to apply makeup and doing daily ‘get ready with me’ videos.

How to Build

Make sure that the network marketing company aligns with at least one of your brand content pillars. It’s not a content pillar all on it’s own, but it is able to be incorporated within the brand content you share. Of course, what you pay attention to grows. If you’re paying attention to growing you, your personal brand and the product or the opportunity fits within that, then it stands to reason that both can grow.

An Alternate Way to Build

Now, I want to give you another alternate way that you can build. This is by creating an alternate channel of promotion for either the products, the opportunity or both. This would be useful when you have a product line that you want to be an affiliate for, but it’s not in alignment with your brand. For example, the social retail company that I partner with, I use the products all the day and day all the day, day. I guess that’s a phrase all of time, every single day, but there it’s a health and wellness line. My brand is not health and wellness. There I, that is just not one of my brand content pillars. So yes, I’ll sprinkle it into my stories here and there, but it really doesn’t fit into the type of content that I create.

It’s certainly not going to always be of interest to my ideal client avatar, who I am creating content to serve and solve problems for. If I just throw out a random educational post on collagen and my audience are women building businesses and brands online, that’s really out of alignment. However, it’s not out of alignment that I want to promote that product because I really, truly you believe in it. It’s also a highly searchable product on Google.

All About SEO

If you know me, you know I’m all about the SEO. You can create alternate channels to promote that are outside of where you are building visibly. I have my YouTube funnel formula for this very thing. I sponsor new business partners every single month and acquire many new customers every single month through a few simple funnels, two of which are through YouTube. Now you do have to understand some basics. It’s not rocket science, but I do have that formula in the membership. It’s one of the ways that I promote affiliate or network marketing products on an alternate channel.

However, I am targeting an audience on those channels through using SEO that are interested in health and wellness products. There’s definitely ways that you can get behind an affiliate product you believe in without it being a part of your visible brand. Going back to what you pay attention to grows, that is true. Here’s another caveat: if you automate one of your focuses, then that can also grow. 

And again, this comes down to your priorities, right? Think about your long term plan. Do you want to continue to be aligned with a particular product or long term? Want to be heavily aligned with your personal brand and have that be a part of what you do? Just pause and think before you get this content game plan. Then, go out and crush it. 

What I’ve found is when I’ve been focused mainly on building network marketing, my lifestyle and  phone/computer time is pretty consuming. I’ve had to automate as much as I possibly can. From sales funnels to working with virtual assistants, I’ve been truly backing off of a lot. My choice has been to really focus on building my personal brand. I’m making my own offers, so I can work with women outside of my industry and team. This allows me to grow my influence and  impact along with my income.

That is just not what felt in alignment for me. Building it as a complimentary asset to my personal brand on alternate channels does. For each person, the way that you build your business is going to be different. It all boils down to building your business and brand in a way that feels most aligned now and long term.

Two Ways to Build

Again, there’s kind of two ways you could go about it. One is to have the network marketing affiliate product or opportunity fits one of your brand content pillars. Then, you can just go out there and dominate. You can promote your own personal brand by adding value, engaging and sharing things that will inspire, motivate and solve their problems. If you can solve your ideal client avatars problems, you’re in business. If you have an offer that can provide a solution for them then you have a business.

Secondly, if network marketing is not in alignment with your personal brand presence online, you can utilize other channels. You can continue to crush it while building your personal brand in alignment. The number one thing to consider is going to be how can you build your business in a way that feels good to you. 

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