I’ve got a question for you 🤔Why do certain marketers/influencers seem to THRIVE and scale their business massively to the top while others stay still?

I’ve also got the answer for you…


This article will cover the basics of:

  • Why it’s so powerful  to have a personal brand,
  • How to define or Re-define your personal brand,
  • My 4 Cardinal Rules for developing a personal brand.
  • How serve others through your influential brand brand

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Why is it important to develop a Personal Brand?

Making income & impact on social media starts with your personal brand.

Your brand is what people think of when they think of you. It’s what you represent, how you make others feel, and it determines the audience, client, and business partners you attract.

A personal brand is what will make you stand out from all of your competition.

Think about Oprah. She built an EMPIRE from a highly recognizable and influential personal brand. When I think of Oprah I think instantly of inspiration/personal growth, entrepreneurism, fitness journey and helping others. She is known for those things, and everything about the work that she has done, and the way she continues to show up is consistent with her personal brand.

By establishing a personal brand (You Inc.!) you’re going to keep yourself from being pigeonholed and branded to a particular company or product. Being your OWN brand allows you to pivot when you need to by adjusting your messaging but not your ENTIRE social media presence

So, what is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is as simple as the 3-4 things you share about on social media.

If you’re sharing about more than 3-4 things, one being your online business, your audience will not know what they can come to you for.

You can’t share only business and sales because people won’t connect with you about those things solely.

There are many things that make you you, but you need to narrow down the focus of your brand in order to deliver content that is going to be highly valuable to your target audience (your ideal clients, customers and business partners!).

If you aren’t sure what to choose, start with thinking of things you LIKE sharing about. Duh.

What can you see yourself consistently creating content around with passion and excitement.

My personal brand on social media is:

  1. Online Business & Success Mindset (I’ve been able to pivot from blogging, to network marketing, to coaching successfully because of a strong personal brand!)
  2. Inspiration through fitness/healthy lifestyle
  3. Mom Life
  4. Highlight REAL – humor

I literally do not post about anything else, unless it’s folded into one of those 4 things. In the process of consistently sharing about those 4 things I attract my ideal tribe, clients, customers and business partners and repel those I am not for.

Here are a few other questions to guide you in narrowing down your personal brand:

What are you good at?

What problems can you solve? 

What are you already known for?

What do people come to you for?

What are you already doing in your life or business?

My Four Rules For Establishing An Authentic Personal Brand On Social Media


Instead of posting about #allthethings,  get focused and share value-added content about 3-4 topics. Remember, one of those is your business. Rotate through sharing Entertaining, Empowering, Eduacational, and Engaging content.


This is the #1 easiest way to develop a personal brand and stand out!! You being YOU is your super power, and something that nobody else in this world can compete with. You don’t have to be perfect to create influence.


Pick a platform to show up on energetically, consistently, and always with the intent to serve your audience there before expanding  to multiple platforms ( Facebook Brand Group, Instagram, Tik Tok, FB page, FB timeline). Growing a Facebook Community around my brand has allowed me to create impact that brings me so much satisfaction, as well as generating multiple 6 figures in online sales, and pivot as I’ve needed/chosen to. It’s a beautiful thing!

Pour into yourself through your personal development, so that you can overflow into your online community (and your friends and family offline too!!).


People are looking for cohesiveness & consistency from brands. If they don’t see that from you, it’s confusing, NOT magnetic/attractive. Your influence won’t stick without you walking out your brand and practicing what you preach.

Two of my FAVORITE books related to building a strong personal brand:

How to create or use your existing brand to serve others:

What’s happening in the world and your sphere of influence right now?

What are the biggest problems people are facing? 

Now, ask yourself how can YOU be a solution for them.

Show up with the knowledge, expertise and experience you have to help others. Invest in learning something new, or in personal development, then turn around and teach that to your audience.

Give out free information, resources, and value that’s going to help your audience & build the know/like/trust factor. You know I’m all about utilizing Facebook live video to collapse time in building that know/like/trust as well!

Speaking of Facebook Live video, in my free Facebook Community (Elevate Academy) I expanded upon this topic. You can catch the replay of that video here (Yes, you have to be a group member to watch. Request in – I’d love to have ya!)

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I hope this article and free resource help you to develop or refine your personal brand on social media.

Remember, you being YOU is your superpower!!

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