Have you ever thought, “maybe I want to build a blog,” but you wonder if & how you could incorporate affiliate marketing or social selling as a complementary asset?

Today I want to tell you the story of why I created the Influence, Impact, & Income Academy – a click-by-click guide through my signature method for building out a website + marketing framework for YOUR brand – so that you can do just that!

(and now the updated/re-branded version, Social Seller To CEO Academy!)

Let’s take it back to a year or so ago…circa 2018.

I sat with 10 of my teammates in the audience of our company conference listening to a powerful, inspirational speaker. This gal was crushing it. Like in her zone of genius, slaying the stage.

My biz bestie leaned over and asked something like, “is that something you look forward to someday?” 

I don’t know if my answer came as a surprise to her or not, but it was a quick reaction of, “no, not at all.”

[The ginormous paycheck the platform slot surely indicated – oh sure, no one is gonna be upset about that]

This may or may not come as a shock to you, I’m a total introvert.  I like small groups or intimate 1:1 convos and, contrary to what my 13 years as an educator & hundreds of live videos may lead you to believe, public speaking is NOT something I have a desire to do,

My most embarrassing stories center around public speaking actually…

Anyhow, in that moment it occurred to me that I had an email list with an open rate larger than the size of the audience we sat in.


Any time I want to share my heart, encourage, teach and inspire my target “audience” I am able to do so with fingers to keyboard + “send”.

I use SEO and Pinterest to make sure that the people my message and what I have to offer can serve, can find it.

Some speak their heart.

I write mine.

That weekend is when I knew, I needed to pivot.

I needed to get back into the {virtual} classroom to teach other mamas how I built influence & multiple streams of income through impact via my brand/blog, which is in large part what I credit my relatively quick success in the network marketing space without pigeonholing myself to the industry.

I couldn’t help but think that there might be women sitting out in that audience and wondering if and when it would ever get their turn to be up there sharing their message. If only they could get to the top…

But it doesn’t have to go that way.

Sis, you don’t have to wait until you “hit the top” to speak your message from a stage.

You can build your own.

Just like Sandra has:

Imagine with me for a few minutes…

What I’m going to ask you to imagine in a moment may seem far away. You may be feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel doing exactly what you’ve been taught to do, and you may even have had some success with it in the past….

But if you’re still ready this you’re interested in and open to a new model that will create growth in your influence, income and impact.

  • Imagine, a year from now having a stand-out brand based on the message you have within you –  that exists outside of Facebook or Instagram –  creating so much impact that you’re getting messages and emails from strangers sharing how you’ve inspired and impacted their life in the way that only YOU can.
  • Imagine a year from now when you ask someone you think is AWESOME  if they’d be open to taking a look at your business opportunity them being EXCITED you asked, because it’s YOU!! Better yet, imagine waking up to see that someone had APPLIED to join your downline and you haven’t sent a prospecting message in months!!
  • Imagine 3 months from now you have a platform, the mindset and the skillset to create multiple streams of income you can control that aren’t largely dependent upon the decisions/efforts of others.
  • Imagine that you no longer have to hunt for new people to “friend”, you have so many leads to sift through who’ve asked to be added to YOUR network you HAVE to start looking at automation to communicate with them. You are officially the HUNTED.
  • Imagine 3 months from now when you’ve taken on the identity of YOU being your brand and your energy shifts so much so that “selling” doesn’t feel icky anymore and your audience expects and eagerly anticipates what you’ll share next!
  • Imagine next month you feel YOURSELF coming alive in your content, have clarity on your message, and a clear plan of action to build your brand, influence, impact and income –  integrating and growing your network marketing business as a result of it.

All of that is possible. I know because these are all things I’ve experienced personallyIt is HOW I’ve been able to be successful in network marketing as well as make impact I’m very proud of with the people I’ve been called to share with online who don’t impact my income at all…

In part-time hours.

Without sales experience.

Without coding/tech know-how.

Without being a network marketing guru. Or guru of anything for that matter!

Without the perfect pictures, website, graphics, or funnels.

WITH tenacity, grit, staying authentic, learning SKILLS, and putting in the work to build a brand based on my message and desire to make income through impact. 

And now I teach others how to build out a framework for THEIR Influence, Impact, & Income through my signature course:

Social Seller To CEO Academy:

I want to show you how social selling can be a compliment (and even a passive asset!!) to your brand, not YOUR brand.

I want your content to be SEARCHABLE and your influence not GONE if Facebook or IG went away or your account got shut down.

I want you to be able to pivot when you need to and to do whatever the heck you want to with your influence, based upon the value you’ve provided, the skills you’ve acquired, and the connections you’ve made.

You do NOT have to be a social selling guru or have that be your “thing” to make money online or to be successful in social selling

But you need a framework. And you need to take action on that framework.

The time will pass anyway.

I would love to be your guide in that process and to see you build out and launch your Influence, Impact and Income to the next level!


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