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Resources and Programs Mentioned:

Podcast Kickstart Kit (free): https://bit.ly/3viElMe

how to start a podcast

Podcast Planner ($17): https://bit.ly/4bgVIwp

Podcasting Course Ashley took (affiliate link): https://bit.ly/3wXWqzN

Monetize your podcast with Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab ($197): https://bit.ly/43kGBiH

podcast equipment for beginners






Essential Podcast Equipment For Beginners

Welcome to part two of our series on starting a podcast on the Maverick Mompreneur podcast. We are jumping right into the essential podcast equipment for beginners! If you missed part one, I shared why I believe female online entrepreneurs eager to start a podcast should absolutely go for it. You can catch up here. In this post we are getting into the essential tools and equipment you’ll need, covering a range of price points suitable for beginners or those looking to upgrade their setup.

Starting Simple

When you’re just beginning, it’s crucial to focus on quality audio. Good sound is key, as it directly connects you to your audience. Surprisingly, a good start doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start with basic equipment like your iPhone to record audio. If you’re looking for something a bit more professional without breaking the bank, this $14  $17 microphone from Amazon might just do the trick. I started with a budget microphone and used it for my first 25 episodes.

Microphones and Accessories

Currently, I use a Blue Yeti microphone and dream of upgrading to a Shure mic soon. A good microphone can be enhanced with a pop filter to minimize unwanted sounds, ensuring clearer audio. For placement, consider a stand or a boom arm which helps position the microphone correctly and comfortably. A simple, creative setup could be using a decorative item from your home, like a candle holder, to support the mic at just the right height.

Headphones and Software

Quality headphones are essential for monitoring your audio live. They help catch issues before they become part of your final podcast.

As for recording software, I recommend Audacity. It’s free, user-friendly, and sufficient for both beginners and those with some experience in audio editing. It allows you to pull clips for various uses, enhancing your podcast’s versatility. I use these ones (they come in black or white)!

Expanding Your Tools

If you’re recording a video to extract audio, like from a Zoom meeting, you’ll need a converter to turn your MP4 video files into MP3 audio files. There are plenty of free options online that are simple to use (I use this one!).

Your Next Steps

Your assignment is to gather the essential tools listed above! Start by downloading Audacity, checking out the free resources on elevatedwithashley.com/podcast, and perhaps purchasing the beginner’s guide if you’re ready. Load your cart with a microphone, headphones, and a pop filter—or start as simply as using your iPhone.

Thank you for tuning in, and remember, your voice has the power to create impact through podcasting. If you found this episode helpful, please consider subscribing, rating, and reviewing our podcast on Apple to help share our message with more female entrepreneurs.