how to plan for Q4

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In this episode of the Maverick Mompreneur Podcast, I dive into the world of Q4 planning and what I’m doing to close out the year strong!Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, business owner, or just someone looking to make the most of the year-end, this episode is packed with valuable insights and strategies to help you plan for Q4.


Hello. Hello Mavericks. Welcome back to episode 97 of the podcast. This is Ashley and I am your host. We will be talking about reflecting on quarter three and goal setting and planning for quarter four. This is a very important time of year where you can set yourself up for massive success in the last three months of the year, and also four, your success in 2024. So we’re gonna talk about intentional personal growth and profit planning today. I’m gonna give you some inside insights into how I’m reflecting on my quarter three and what I have planned for quarter four in all of those areas. And I’m gonna give you a formula for goal setting that might be different than you’ve ever done it before, but it can be absolutely life and business changing. So definitely grab something to take notes with and let’s get started.

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So if that sounds good to you, check out elevated with ashley.com/maverick. Also linked in the show notes. I would love to see you jump in right now so that you can not only lock in that founding members rate, but that we can get you set up for a killer order. Four, no matter which stage you are at in business, what your particular goals need to be or are, and also run into the new year with a sense of purpose, direction, a clear revenue map, a clear map for personal growth and profit. So click the link in the show notes, dmm or email me if you have any questions. And let’s get back to our regularly scheduled episode. Okay, let’s dive right into talking about how I am planning for quarter four and not just how I’m planning for quarter four for the sake of talking to you about it.

But number one, I hope it’s helpful to hear another entrepreneur and their process and maybe a couple of nuggets. And then also, if you don’t have a plan for planning for quarter four, I hope that this will as well. But we’re gonna start first with reflecting back on quarter three. So before we move forward, it’s really important to look back at the successes, the challenges, the lessons that we’ve learned, the wins, the things that you would’ve done differently and really take that opportunity to grow and expand and tweak things for quarter four based on what worked and what didn’t. Quarter three. So I am actually looking directly at my intentional personal growth and profit plan. And what this is, it’s actually an annual planner that every member of the Maverick Society, which is my membership community, is gifted when they enroll. And I update this annually, and we actually do this as a group.

So there’s an annual masterclass, which I’ll link for you in the show notes that’s available, self-guided, self-paced, and you can use the same exact process each and every year In that course I actually update the workbook. So for example, when the 2024 workbook comes out, you can purchase that self-paced and guide yourself through the process if this resonates. The other option is of course, as always, if you would like to be a founding member, we still do have a few founding member slots left before we close doors to Maverick Society until 2024. So you could actually get in and join us for our full fledged Q four planning session, as well as our live 24 planning session, which is December. And that’s going a really good chance to set yourself up for success and have a plan that you can follow throughout the year. Obviously pausing, reflecting like we’re going to do today, making beaks, and then move forward.

So when I do my personal growth and profit planning, because I’ll say it once and I’ll say it a million times, you are your most important asset in business as a personal brand. So to me, and in what I teach to my clients, it’s very important to consider more than just your revenue growth more than just dollar science. It’s really the full person because you considering that holistic view of yourself as a business owner and someone living an actual life and hopefully enjoying it and creating a life that you’re obsessed with, it’s important to factor all these things in. So I factor in eight categories and each quarter I plan for these eight categories. One is what is it that I’m going to be running? So what programs I’m going to be running, what challenges, what promotions am I going to do one-on-one coaching? So what is it that I’m actively running?

So whether that is my membership, whether that is working with a particular one-on-one client, whether that is a done for you or a hybrid project that I’m working on. I write down what is it that I am actually running so that I can see where my energy is going to be going and I don’t max that out or go over my max. Then the next point that I have to consider is what is it that I’m going to be selling? And by the way, some of this might sound confusing because, because at the beginning of the year, we do a huge brain dump for quarter one, quarter two, quarter three, and quarter four based upon what you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and then mapping it backwards. So what do you have to work on every quarter of the year to get to that final end goal?

So for example, if launching a podcast by the end of 2020 was your goal, you would be mapping backwards what you need to do to make that happen. So if you need to invest in a course, when do you need to invest your money and time into that course? How long do you anticipate that taking you to work through giving yourself time for implementation, giving yourself time to come up with a launch team and launch strategy? And lastly, creating those podcast episodes to have ready for your launch. So some people might budget out one quarter for that, some people might budget out the entire year because they’ve got so much going on. Some people might do that all within a month. Everyone is different. But let’s get back to the categories. So we have number one, what is it that you’re running? Number two, what is it that you’re going to be selling based on your larger plan for the year?

So for me, I’m looking at quarter three. What I was selling was social seller to C e O academy, the mastermind, various masterclasses. I had several masterclasses that were paid the Maverick Society membership and one-on-one coaching. So that’s what I was selling. I knew that in my plan, it’s general on this first part of the planner. The next category is what is it that you’re working on? So things that need to be worked on such as a digital product, you’re creating a digital course, a masterclass. So you’re getting your slides together, a funnel for a particular product, a calendar printable that you’re making for your membership, your ad sequence. It can be any number of things, but what is it that you need working on? And by the way, each of these only have four check boxes per category, and sometimes I add more, but I typically have found that running, selling and working on four things at a time for each of those categories is what my capacity is.

And of course there’s other things. And then as I’m looking at my quarter three plan, and this is again the same for quarter four, were just some adjustments and I’m gonna tell you about how I’m planning for quarter four. What is it that I’m investing in? So in quarter three, what I invested in was ad spend. So a lot of my budget for investing in my business went into ads to grow my audience as well as to create passive income through some of my digital products. I also invested in a monthly membership to teach me more advanced strategies about meta ads. And so that was something that I was and will continue to invest my money in there. And then finally, I purchased a masterclass from a business coach that I love. It was actually a masterclass about masterclasses. And so I invested my money and time into that in quarter three.

Now here’s the other categories. And when I talk about holistic planning for your personal growth and your profit growth, I also include personal development reads. So if you’ve been around for a while, you know that part of my daily moneymaking activities, I really truly consider this a moneymaking activity because it’s very hard to inspire others if you yourself are not inspired, it’s hard to teach cutting edge strategies if you yourself are not on the cutting edge. And so for personal development reads, I always write down at least four books that I will complete by the end of that quarter. And a lot of them I actually listen to on Audible. And I also get the hard copy because I just like both. And with Audible, it’s nice because you get, I believe it’s four free credits per month. So it usually works out that within that membership I get my books for free.

I guess that’s girl math or whatever that trend is that’s going around, they’re free. But really it’s a monthly membership. However, I take advantage, I max out that membership. I use all my credits and listen to all my audible books, and I love to do that on walks, which is a great way to activate your brain, get that dopamine flowing, help your motivation to it, and also just to keep you at your most creative and activated. The next category is self-care. So not just, I’m gonna take a bubble bath every night, but what are the things that make you light up? So for me, self-care is movement every day, walking daily, working out five times a week. That for me is self-care in so many different ways. So what is it for you that makes you feel at your best, most grounded and writing those things down as a reminder that that is a part of your business plan As a personal brand, as someone who’s showing up and pouring into others, you’ve got to pour into yourself so that your cup is full so that you can serve others from overflow.

Next step. You know me, I’m all about celebrating milestones along the journey, having things to look forward to because it’s all part of a journey and we really don’t know how long we have on the journey ever in any sense of the word. And so what is it that you’re looking forward to? What are you looking forward to enjoying? So I wrote down three different things that I was looking forward to enjoying one of them being a vacation to see my family with my daughter Taylor in South Carolina. I put my 40th birthday, but I realized that my 40th birthday is actually in quarter four, but I guess I was already looking forward to that milestone in quarter three. And then a couple of others that I was looking forward to. The last category is healthy habits, which can be interlinked to self-care, but this is things like drinking more water, drinking less wine, ordering, DoorDash, less often, things that we know that are basics that would improve our stress levels would increase our health levels.

But sometimes we just fall out of the habit. And so that’s the last category is what are those healthy habits such as getting to sleep at a reasonable hour, getting eight hours of sleep per night, whatever it may be for you. That’s the last category. So again, the eight categories that I intentionally plan as far as personal growth and profit planning for the whole year and also per quarter are what is it that I’m running? What is it that I’m selling? What is it that I’m working on? What is it that I’m investing in? Personal development reads, self-care, what I’m looking forward to and healthy habits. Now can these things change throughout a quarter? Absolutely. And of course, because you have to leave room for that inspired action. But what this does is prevents you as much as possible from having shiny syndrome where you continue to buy course after course, after course you try a new strategy, you show up on this place or that place and you don’t stick to your plan and no momentum is made.

You’re not working towards something specific with intention throughout the year, throughout the quarter, throughout the week. So having this plan, being able to look at it and stick with it quarter after quarter, month after month, week after week over an entire year is really powerful to help you stay focused and on track. Now, of course, part of the reason why I offer this as a masterclass and why I go through this with my Maverick society members is because sometimes we need help coming up with the plan so that it’s not random and willy-nilly. And so that is a huge part of what I am here to help others with is that planning process, that backward mapping from where your goal is and where you are now and what needs to happen in the in in-between. So the goal for this coming quarter four session is really for my members to leave knowing what they want to sell in quarter four, how much they want to make, and then getting my insights on their best marketing practices and what are the biggest opportunities that I can see to actually get you there to that quarter four goal.

So now let’s talk about goal setting for quarter four. Quarter four is a really powerful quarter because number one, you’re setting yourself up for success potentially in 2024. So the last quarter of the year is your on-ramp into the next year. There’s all kinds of goals that you consider and it’s going to depend on where you are in business and where the deficits are in your business that you need to beef up. So this could be audience growth, this could be a new product launch. This could be systematizing all of the goodness that you already have. This could be dialing in your ideal client avatar and your brand if you’re spanking new to this. This could be revenue targets if you are looking at scaling and you know how to predictably scale, it could be looking at revenue targets. There’s all kinds of goal areas.

I’m gonna share with you some of my quarter four goals, how I arrived at those, and hopefully that will give you some inspiration to come up with your own goals and then make a plan accordingly. So my number one goal for the rest of 2023 and heading into 2024 is lining up M R R, not master resell rights, monthly recurring revenue. So I would like to know what I can ballpark make in 2023, even if I don’t sell anything else based on the contracts signed in. Three, why this is so important to me is because this is what creates a healthy business. And I’ve really learned that this year, especially if you know my journey. I started and launched my current online business coaching and mentorship business that was a little redundant with the business. How many times can I fit that in? But anyway, when I started this business, I had a very healthy residual income coming in from social selling.

And as I backed off of that and was not putting a hundred percent effort into that business, that’s obviously decreased. And so what I would like to do in my own business is really put a focus on that monthly recurring revenue by way of things like memberships in particular. That is where I want to focus my energy. I really want to focus on automating on the front end. A lot of my marketing, which I’ve been putting all of these funnels into place, setting this up so that I can serve on the backend within my membership and create content for my paying members and put my effort and energy there versus so much forward facing energy for my free content. And so I’m gonna continue to do the monthly podcast episodes. So what am I going to be running podcast episodes, my normal repurposing workflow, but I’m setting myself up for that monthly recurring revenue so that I have a healthy business, I know what I can invest in as far as ads, as far as team members, not to mention the damage on your nervous system of starting over at zero every month.

And then also having to execute on sales you’ve made in the past is super stressful. So for anyone, I recommend a focus on monthly recurring revenue and whether you focus on doing that through passive income with digital products, whether you do that through a lot of offers with payment plans and longer offers that are more of a high ticket, but offering payment plans for your one-on-one clients or mastermind or group program students, that’s another way to line up monthly recurring revenue. But for me, the Maverick Society is it. That is what I am focusing most majority of my efforts as far as content creation there. There’s so much in the works, and that is really where I want to develop community and pour my energy. So you will see most everything will be funneling into gaining new members in the membership because that is where I know I can serve them at the best level with all the things.

So I’m gonna be focusing on that. Another goal of mine is to increase the passive sales of my digital courses. So if you’ve ever visited Elevated with ashley.com/courses, you will know I have many, many, many packaged up ready to go, amazing digital marketing and online entrepreneur. I think at this point there’s at least 20 in my library. Some of those are optimized for passive sales, some of them are not. And that’s a missed opportunity. And so one of my goals for quarter four is to get all of that optimized and running passively for me in the background. And so how I’m going to do that is mainly through Pinterest. I also do have a few campaigns funnels up and running that involve meta ads as well. So I’m testing out a lot of different things and I’m scaling the things that are working. So for me, it’s really creating that passive stream of income through all of these different revenue sources I have in digital products, and then also funneling and focusing everything to my low ticket membership and increasing and scaling that I’m working with very, very limited one-on-one clients.

In fact, I’m only going to be working with one one-on-one client at a time. I’m booked out for the end of this year already with projects. And so my next one-on-one opening is not gonna be until 2024. I will be selling that though in 2023. So again, for quarter four, what I’ve now, this past couple of weeks been goal setting and planning in anticipation of leading the Maverick Society through this same exercise are what I’m gonna be running. And so if you would like to know, I’ll just give you some of that. I’m gonna be running obviously the membership maverick Society. I’m going to be running several master classes, two paid, one free, and I’m going to be running a really fun bootcamp workshop type of thing in December, which I’m not gonna give away, but that’s gonna be really fun. And then Black Friday, cyber Monday sales.

So that’s really what I’m running as far as actively running. That’s not everything that is going to be making me money, but that’s everything that I’m going to be actively running. Now if you know me, you’ll know if I get a little bored and I feel like busting out another new program or running a live version of a program that’s really resonated with my audience in the past, I will do that as well. But this is my baseline for I need to be running these things and not get distracted if I’m going to reach the goals that I have as far as building my membership and also building more passive revenue through setting up additional funnels or scaling the ones that I have that are working well now. And then I go into what is it that I’m gonna be selling. And so I wanna make sure that I’m not overloaded with things that I am selling right now.

I am a solopreneur. I’m currently on the hunt for a team member and I’m really excited about that process. But for right now, it’s quite a lot to be doing on my own. But you can do it too. And I wanted to actually share that with you because for a season, if you need to be in total grind mode, because you either don’t have the budget yet to hire an employee or you’re looking for the right person, you can do a lot of things if you have the systems and the plans in place, but it’s not the business to be doing everything all by yourself. I would rather have more time to create more content for my membership, more products, more free content, more masterclasses, things like that. And I will eventually, so selling, I will be selling the membership, I will be selling that special December thing that I mentioned that I’m doing.

I will be selling courses and bundles and all of the things that I already have in existence. I will be selling those on the backend within funnels, within email sequences, and also in my social media. Alright, working on. So then I think about what is it that I’m gonna be working on? And some of this is gonna involve myself and my future employee, which I can’t wait to find you, whoever you are, whoever you end up being. Pinterest. So escalating what I have going on over on Pinterest, working on some improvements on my websites, working on my sales funnels for passive income and working on becoming the obvious choice when it comes to digital marketing, marketing and online business coaching because I am changing up my business model to be mainly low ticket. So my membership for example, is mastermind style access to thousand, I don’t even know how many thousands of dollars of courses weekly coaching, all the things for 3 33 per month.

And so typically for something like that, it’s thousands per month, especially if you have mentorship from someone who has done and continues to do the things that they are teaching you how to do and has done that successfully. Typically you’re not gonna see that price point. But for me, it’s really important that my curriculum and my coaching be accessible, but I also stay in business. So I’m really shifting things from working at a higher ticket level with more one-on-one clients and more mastermind type of programs to scaling something low ticket so that I can serve more people. And that’s really important to me. And so that’s what I’m going to be working on is continuing to adjust to that new business model and setting boundaries around my time so that I can do that without burning out and that I can maximize the learning opportunities and the experience within my membership.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. So I’m gonna be working on that. And then as far as investing, I’m going to continue investing in two monthly memberships. They are both having to do with funnels and ads. And so you can tell where my focus is. I’m really wanting to set up very effective funnels and ads and scale in that way because now that I’m moving to a a lower ticket model, I’m going to need more sales to equal the same revenue that I’ve been making. And so these things go hand in hand together. And so again, that’s my business model. There’s so many ways to do it. It really depends on so many factors. I don’t want you to take this and think, oh, I need to do it Ashley’s way. No you don’t. So you can do your business your way. It depends on what you’re selling, the time that you have, the baseline you have as far as your monthly revenue, what feels good to you, what things you want to run.

All of these are factors. And then personal development reads. I have three on my list so far. One is people buy you about halfway through that one really good. We’re not even into quarter four, but I started it already. And then two others that are actually more personal development reads. And I actually got another one too, which is called What Got You Here Won’t Get You there. And I’m gonna read that one in quarter four too. I don’t have that written down here, but I need to add it. And then for self-care, I’m gonna read you my goals for quarter four because I think these are a little more delineated than the quarter three, which just evaluated, which is to continue very limited alcohol. So I have not been drinking alcohol since July 27th and it’s been the most amazing. And so I’m going to continue on with that as a form of self-care.

I may have a glass of wine on my 40th or something like that in October, but I’m really going to stick with no alcohol because the amount of clarity that I’ve had alone, I could never go back to anything other than that. And so I’m really going to enjoy continuing to care for myself in that way, obviously to each their own. But for me, that’s been really, really critical. And I want to make sure that stay is a goal. Daily movement, saying no more often without guilt. So this has to do with boundaries. So not putting myself into situations or opportunities or friendships or relationships or anything that I don’t want to do that I really should have said no to. So I’m gonna say no more often and continue to work on boundaries as a form of self-care. And then incorporating alignment and mindset checks as a part of my daily routine.

Now, this is something that is part of the Maverick Society roadmap, alignment and mindset checks, but I want to have that literally in my moneymaking daily method of operation. And what I mean by alignment and mindset checks is I don’t want three months to go by and I’ve got something wonky where I’m doing something that doesn’t feel right or good, or I’m hanging out with someone that bringing down my energy levels or I’m getting into self-sabotaging behaviors or thoughts, imposter syndrome, all those things. I want to make sure that I’m checking in and then doing what I need to do as far as the work to move past through and beyond those things. And then I also wanna be able to be that leader and that model for my clients and practice what I preach there too. And so I’m pretty good about doing that, but I don’t have it as part of my daily routine.

And so I wanna take it next level as far as my self-care and self-leadership. And then looking forward to, I’m looking forward to turning 40 on October 11, 10, 11. As you want to remember, you don’t have to, but just saying, I am looking forward to seeing my family for the holidays. I don’t know what holidays that will be, but I will hopefully see them in November or December one way or another. And then I’m looking forward to moving forward in relationship with my boyfriend because just really awesome. And so I’m looking forward to enjoying more time and developing that connection and yeah, healthy habits. So my goals for quarter four, and hopefully this will give you some ideas as well. We all have different daily habits and things that we want to do daily to improve our overall health. Uh, for me, it’s taking my supplements every day.

I’ve been very diligent about that for the past couple months, and I want to continue that adequate hydration. I tend to go caffeine all day every day with a little water mixed in, and I want to make sure that I am drinking more water than I have been. Not drinking alcohol has definitely helped, but I still know that I can do better there with my healthy habits I would like to do, continue doing four Orangetheory workouts per week. And then, yeah, that’s it. So that’s my quarter four goals and the way that I’m intentionally planning to grow personally as well as in my profits. And of course things can always be tweaked, but this based on my goals for the end of the year is going to get me close at or maybe even beyond where I want to go and what I want set up going into three.

Obviously I’m not going into all the detailed parts of, so what’s the price points? When am I launching, what’s my launch calendar looking like? All of those things. That’s going to be the next step in the process and that’s what we’ll be tackling on Thursday is, alright, so now what is the specific land? What does your calendar now look like? What are your daily tasks to be done in order to make this happen? And I think that this is more important than ever in quarter four because when we get into October, it starts, the holidays rapidly escalating, right? We’ve got Halloween, we’ve got Thanksgiving, we’ve got all of the December holidays, we have Christmas, we’ve got New Year’s, we have Kwanza, we have Hanukkah, all of these holidays, depending on which you celebrate, there can be quite a lot of holidays in there. And that puts a strain on our time.

And so we wanna make sure that we have this mapped out going into quarter four, not midway through November, trying to think about what your Black Friday, cyber Monday deals are going to be. You wanna set yourself up and set your content strategy up so that you can do very well in those opportunities should you choose to promote what you have to sell during those specifics. So one thing that you might wanna think about are what is it that you want to sell on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Are you talking about those things now? Are you selling those things? Now, do people have awareness of those products? Because when it comes to Black Friday and you offer a discount or a bundle or a limited time offer, you want it to be a no-brainer because people have already had the touch points. If they’ve been around for the last couple of months and your audience, they already know what it is and they already know it’s something that they want and you wanna make it a no-brainer to snag at that discount or in that bundle or with that limited time bonus, don’t wait any longer than basically this week to start talking about the offers that you know you’re going to want to promote during those special holiday sales campaigns.

The other reason that setting goals in the way that I’m talking to you about today for quarter four is again, with all of those holidays coming up and the busyness of that season, it’s even more important to make sure that you have dialed in your daily routines when it comes to healthy habits, self-care, personal development, and that it’s so routine by then that you are just smooth sailing as far as your business through the season. You have things locked in ready to go, you’re just following and executing a plan because there’s so many other things to think about during that time that we don’t normally when we’re thinking about year end and holidays, there’s just a lot more that goes on and there’s more demand on your time, there’s more demand on your energy, and the last thing that you want is to burn out during a time that’s supposed to be enjoyable with family.

That’s supposed to be exciting in your business, setting yourself up for success in 2024. You don’t wanna burn out and then fall off the grid like people do when they make these goals for fitness going into the new year and then they hit it hard for a month and then they don’t work out the rest of the year. So what we don’t want you doing is making this big plan, having it be unrealistic, and then totally burning out because you’re not only doing this crazy intensive plan that isn’t well mapped out and all the holiday stuff, it’s a recipe for burnout. So I’m trying to help you to avoid that. And one of the best ways to avoid burnout and stay productive is to have a plan to execute on every day to know what it is that you need to do to move the needle forward towards your goals.

And that’s why planning for quarter four is so important. Now of course, it’s important to stay flexible and be willing to adapt because even the best mapped out strategies and plans might require adjustments. You might also get a download where you think, oh my gosh, I’m gonna totally redo everything just like I did in Q three. It’s so funny because as quarter two progressed and quarter three progressed, I was getting this pull or push, I don’t even know what it is to shift into this lower ticket model and kind of put my money where my mouth is frankly, because I had these goals to serve a certain number of women in 2023, and frankly, I wasn’t getting there and I realized I wasn’t getting there because I was spending a lot of my time on one-on-one projects or very smaller group masterminds. And while that was fine for revenue and I loved those opportunities, I’m not able to scale that.

We only have limited time, and so if I want to share my message with a broader audience, serve a broader group of women at a high level, I needed to change something and so of course have room to receive these downloads and make pivots, but some years you may not even change your plan at all. You may end up doing less than you had planned, but you at least are working toward something. You’re not sitting there and spinning your wheels for an entire quarter or half a year or a year and getting no further towards those big amazing goals that you have than you were before. It’s those small steps forward with intention that are gonna get you to where you want to go. Alright, so I think that’s everything from me. I just wanted to share a little bit of insight with you as to how I reflected on quarter three and how I’m preparing for quarter four by mapping out those eight target areas to intentionally grow as a person and also grow within my business.

I hope it was helpful for you. If you would like to join us either live or for the replay of the quarter four planning session and receive a copy of the intentional Personal Growth and Profit Planning workbook as long as a as, as well as a bunch of other cute little gifts as a welcome to the Maverick Society. Please check out elevated with ashley.com/maverick or hit the link in the show notes. Check that out. I’m not sure if we will still have any founding members spots available by the time you’re listening to it, but even if we don’t, you will be able to enroll it just maybe at a different price point. So check that out. We’d love to have you in there. We have weekly coaching calls. We have a roadmap for brand building and monetization success. You have access to all of my courses, the entire library, as long as you are a member, and then you basically get a season pass to my content.

So when I put out these master classes or I drop these digital products, they’re included for you in your membership. You don’t even have to make a decision as to what you want. You’re investing in the Maverick Society membership. You get all the things, and so I would be honored to have you in there and you can always reach out. If you do have any questions about the Maverick Society or any of my courses, just shoot me a dmm Ashley r Latimer on both Instagram. All right. Until next time, cheers to your impact and good luck planning your quarter four, and I hope to see you absolutely crushing it. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. My goal is to help as many women in business online as possible to build strong, powerful, aligned and profitable personal brands. The best way to show you appreciate this content is to screenshot and share on your social media or share with your team. Actually even better would be to also leave a review for the podcast on whichever platform you’re listening on. If you are looking for any additional support, you can always reach me via email at hello@elevatedwithashley.com. You can dmm me on Instagram at Ashley r Latimer, or join us in the Free Elevate Academy for brand building maverick marketers and mompreneurs Facebook community. Can’t wait to chat with you next week.

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