Let’s talk about rebranding, and what to do on social media when you’re about to rebrand.  If you have ever thought about, or are currently thinking about, making a pivot into a different niche:  maybe switching companies, or just doing things is differently, there are some aspects that you really should consider if you want it to be the smoothest transition.

1. Your Social Media Game Plan for Rebranding

If you have a brand group that you’ve built as a part of your business, we’re not going to talk about all the things rebranding on this episode anyway. I want you to publicize up the change. You are posting value driven on brand content. That’s going to point out pain points for your new ideal client avatar, in which you want to weed out and draw in the people who your content is going to be for.

I do have a lot of mompreneurs and female online entrepreneurs that they just so happened to be people that I blogged alongside or many of my followers are still super supportive of everything that I do, but they’re not my ideal client avatar, and they’re not going to be probably a client of mine. If I could go back, I would do the exact things that I’m advising you to do now. After you make the change, this is something you do after you make the change to your Instagram handle.

2. Should You Start Over When You Rebrand?

It’s almost worth starting over. However, one thing to consider when you’re starting over is social proof. So, if you’ve got 50 people and engagement’s not that great, starting with a group of 50 versus a group of zero, and inviting new people into a group that no one’s in would be better.

So, you want to be posting in the group to; get everyone excited; promote the changes that are coming; and set a live video event in the group.

2. Changes to Your Group During Your Rebrand

For your launch day, once you get people excited, announce the change of the name of the group. You’re going to change the name of the group, and add something to the end of your existing group name. Don’t change the name to the new name, but say something like: “Oh, those were the days…Taylor made beauty with Ashley prong of my brand, but it kind of took over my life.”

You’re funneling anyone who is an ideal client avatar for your new iteration of your brand, into your new brand group. At the same time, you’re also acknowledging and thinking of those who supported you in whatever adventure that you were doing at that time.

If you do not have a Facebook group and you would like to build one, you can find the exact setup that I used to create what became a six figure Facebook group HERE.

4. Growing Your Target Audience As You Rebrand

Now you get to grow your target audience full of your ideal client avatars, wherever you choose to build your brand, grow your community and nurture them. It might be your email list, your blog or your podcast. Now you get to attract in a target audience, and that is going to do huge things for your business, especially if you did not do that, the first go round. I know for many people, we got into this, not even really knowing about target audiences and how to build them. As you build your target audience, your conversions, impact and income will significantly increase.

So, over on the Maverick Momprenur podcast we’re going to get deeper into how do you do that. I’ll also be sharing some diverse ways you can build a target audience.

I’m so excited for you. Remember if you are rebranding, you’re not starting over! We’re about advocating our lives AND business. We’re not afraid of making a bold change or a pivot when needed to get back into alignment or get to get further in alignment.

Want to dig deeper? Head over to the Maverick Momprenuer podcast to listen to the full episode now HERE.