Repurpose Content

If you’ve come across this post you’ve likely been searching, “how to repurpose content” and/or felt the struggle of constantly creating fresh, new content for your social media channels

Content creation, and the hamster wheel type of feeling it creates, is a huge topic of stress for so many online entrepreneurs – especially if you aren’t at a point where outsourcing is desired or in the budget!

First, content repurposing is the process of taking existing content and adapting or transforming it into a different format, medium, or context, to reach a new audience (reach) or achieve a different goal (like expanding the lifespan of that content!).

By repurposing your content, you’re re-working existing, high-quality content and presenting it in new ways!

What has been key for me (and my sanity lol) is creating my content around weekly topics that are within my brand content pillars. It starts from my long-form content (The Maverick Mompreneur Podcast) and is repackaged + reused in ways that extend the lifespan of that topic and create additional value.

I repurpose content to create 12+ additional points of reach from ONE piece of content almost every week:

1. Podcast Episode speaking to a challenge or desired outcome of my ideal client.
2. Blog post from podcast transcription (AI)
3. YouTube video from podcast audio
4. Email to my list from the transcription of this video (AI)
5. Reel (Facebook)
6. Reel (IG)
7. Stories (Facebook)
8. Stories (IG)
9. Facebook feed post (carousel or shareable quote).
10. Facebook group engagement question/s around this topic
11. Instagram feed post (carousel or shareable quote).
12. Pinterest pin to blog post and podcast

HOURS SAVED EACH WEEK – Even without utilizing AI or outsourcing (but learning to train my GPT to know me/my brand/my ICA and offers + create effective prompts is GAME-CHANGING!!)

Not to mention the long-game, evergreen reach using SEO on YouTube, Pinterest, Podcast, Blog, and social…


This method not only simplifies the mental load of content creation (versus the more popcorn style of coming up with a new concept every day), but from an educational standpoint is beneficial to your audience as well!

Each of us has ways that we take in information and learn best – so creating different content formats around the same topic creates more opportunities for the diverse learning styles represented in your audience to learn and retain what you want them to know! Win-win!

This is how you can seem to be all over the place without actually being all over the place (and therefore burning out).

Today, I want to share the tool I use for myself and teach my clients/membership community to make repurposing content WAY more organized and simple.

Click below to watch the walkthrough of this tool to help you repurpose content like a boss using my method, and if it seems like something that would be helpful to you you can snag your own editable copy of this tool (and Canva templates for content creation on multiple platforms) a la carte for only $17CLICK HERE!

Upgrade your game and use the time and unnecessary wasted energy on creating or refining your content + offers, or spending time on what matters most to you!
Best always,