5 Part Social Influencer Formula

If you’re reading this post, you likely want to know how to become a social influencer.

I did too when I started in the online space back in 2016! I realized that to increase the positive impact I knew the message on my heart and the content I loved to create could have on others, I needed to intentionally expand my influence.

Intentionally growing an audience of people who are interested in your products or services, can benefit from your message, and becoming an INFLUENCER, is far better than feeling like you have to hunt down your next client, business partner, conversion, or affiliate sale.

Once you learn how to become an Influencer, you will never have to sell again.

Instead people will start coming to YOU and asking how they can get what you’re offering and authentically sharing.

I want to share with you a 5 part social influencer formula that works (it’s the exact way I’ve built influence and a full-time income online as a blogger, network marketing top leader/seller, and business coach!!).

How To Become A Social Influencer

1) Define your brand.

What are you going to be known for? What are the 2-3 pillars of your personal brand (the topics you will share valuable content to serve your audience!). One of those pillars can be your business, but that can’t be the only thing you share about.

For example, my brand is Mom/Mompreneur Life, Healthy Mindset & Lifestyle, and Online Business (emphasis on personal branding + blogging for entrepreneurs in network marketing building a personal brand). There are other things that make me ME, but I don’t go live to share tips on or create social media or blog posts about those things.

This blog post and the companion Personal Branding workbook I create will walk you through more guiding questions & exercises to help you define your brand if you don’t yet have clarity:

2) Build and market to a target audience

Your message, products, and service are NOT for everyone.

Therefore, it is super important to build an audience that actually wants what you have to offer. A target audience is simply a specific group of people you want to reach through your social media channels.

You need to determine what type of people are most likely to be interested in what you are offering, and where to find them in order to build your audience with those your content, products, and services can benefit.

Choose a platform where you show up with the majority of your energy

Personally, I choose to build influence, impact, and income mainly through a Facebook Group where I’ve grown a community filled with my target audience. In 2020 this group was responsible for more than half of a multi-stream six figure income.


facebook group optimization


What about the content you create and share?

3) Share things you love, buy, do, use regularly with your target audience.

Do not share things from just one single brand. YOU are the brand. You just happen to use products and services you think may bring benefit to the lives of your audience. Unless of course you legitimately only use products from one brand : )

This can/should include your affiliate products and/or network marketing company which hopefully has a product line in line with your brand.

4) Engage with your audience.

Build relationships based on creating content you genuinely feel will enhance the lives of your followers. If someone takes the time to comment or reply to your content, make sure that you honor them with a reply. Every single time. To build a tribe, and influence with them, you have to show up and show them you care about THEM.

5) Create and publish value-driven content regularly.

Content is King, and consistency is KEY. Optimally you publish content on a platform you own and/or where you can be searched/Googled (eg. a blog, YouTube, or Pinterest).

Pick a pace and content creation strategy you can be consistent with and stick to it.

In the video below, I expand upon each of the 5 components of the Social Influencer Formula in detail: In the video above I reference my membership community + group coaching for women who desire to build influence and a strong, message-driven personal BRAND as they also build a network marketing business as a complementary asset…

personal branding for network marketers

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