.If you have ever been a social seller and experienced success, but felt totally burnt out on doing certain things or haven’t necessarily experienced success yet, this is for you. Ever looked back on the way you built your life, relationships, and business, only to think about how freaking happy you are that you don’t have to do things that way anymore. There are gonna be things that you do in life and business that feel absolutely out of alignment. I want you to know that it is a-okay to make a pivot or hard pass on something. I’m gonna be sharing with you three things that I am so glad I do not have to do now to sell the crap out of my affiliate products, thanks to the automated systems, marketing, and communication that I have in place.

1. Sending Prospecting Messages 

One thing I’m happy I don’t do anymore is message people every day or at least five days a week to follow up. We talk about focusing on the follow-up and following a script to make sure it was effective. It just didn’t feel very authentic. When people message me to reach out without a personal connection, I don’t feel comfortable.

Of course follow up is important. I follow up through automated email follow ups for both leads and customers. If you have a personal connection and want to give them the opportunity to reply to you via email, then that’s great. That’s a one-off situation. It isn’t your entire structure for communication. If you are trying to build outside of just social selling  or you’re crushing, you really need to have a mechanism for communicating one-to-many versus just one to one.

2. Posting About Products Nonstop

I have clients all the time who want to incorporate social selling into what they’re already doing, and it ends up being way too far apart. It makes it harder to pivot into something else or into creating your own offers, because of the heavy rotation of product posts.  I choose to post products I use sporadically and super organically on my social media, if I’m on stories and I’m literally about to take it.

I am sharing those products, life changing products, if you will, but I’m doing it in a different way. I’m making impact in income, but it’s passive. That is what I teach in the first portion of Social Seller to CEO Academy, where we are setting you up to be able to still continue to share, make an impact and income with those products, but in a way that is evergreen. You’re building an asset that can grow with your business as it grows without you being directly there. I’m so glad that I don’t have to schedule out and think about content for product posts. I can really focus on building my own brand. Again, I’m just talking about personal affiliate product sales here.

3. Private Messaging People

I used to PM all the time to drive sales. This was before I had systems in place running SEO with juices flowing all over the place. It’s a great method if you have influence, a warm audience, and know how to create curiosity in marketing without being salesy, spammy, or copying and pasting posts.  PMing is great for getting people information. This way they’ve either commented on your post, or you’ve asked them to reach out to you, but somehow they’ve already raised their hand. I do love that part!

I prefer to just go ahead and send them the information instead of tagging them in a post; because I want the information going straight to them. I’m decent at closing sales in DMS, have decent interpersonal skills, good marketing skills, and relative influence with my audience. At the time when I started at PMing, I had been building a personal brand online since 2016. So yes, there are some people that can just come out the gate and crush it, but I guarantee they have influence.

It worked great, but it was so overwhelming. I was constantly on my phone doing some part of that process, whether it was the marketing, adding to groups, tagging them, messaging to follow up, creating marketing, etc. The income that I was making was great, but it felt like it was taking up my entire life.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

I hope if you can relate to any of this as a social seller, you feel less alone or judged. There’s so many questions to ask and smoke and mirrors to uncover, not even intentional smoke and mirrors. There are just things that we believe that are actually mythical and not happening when it comes to people who are experiencing success. You really can’t compare yourself to any one person unless they’re exactly the same. I hope this helps you and also gives you that push to want to set yourself up for time, and the freedom to set yourself up to pivot and automate what you’re doing so that you have more time for the things that truly matter to you. 

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