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Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to figuring out who you are in the online space? Stuck at a certain level of income or feeling like things just aren’t working, but you also feel delayed or even frozen in actually making moves and executing towards next steps in your business? Today we’re going to talk about two reasons why you might be getting stuck and also solutions. 

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Why We Get Stuck

First, sometimes we feel stuck in our business because our intention is not behind the things that we’re doing. Think about what it is that you’re doing. Do you want those things to escalate and scale? Sometimes we aren’t working on something because we don’t want to be doing it and it’s out of alignment. Even though it might have been in alignment in the past. 

Journal Time

If you didn’t have to worry about an income gap or time, what people think, etc, what would your next move be? What would it be today, this week, for the quarter, for the year, or even five years? What would you want to do? What would you be excited about? What would you be excited about moving forward with? You can really start today. Whatever feels comfortable allow yourself to really think through that. 

Historically, what has worked for me when I feel stuck, is really getting clear with myself and being authentic and honest with myself and my audience, because you can only fake it for so long. If you are doing something that feels out of alignment, it becomes clear to your audience, yourself, and those around you. Maybe it’s that the intention to move forward isn’t there because you don’t really want what you’re doing to go well. Because you can’t actually imagine yourself doing that long-term.

Map It Out

Once you feel like you’re aligned with what you want to do, map out the big picture. Map out your ideal client avatar (ICA) journey as big as you can in whatever niche you’re in. You’re going to think I’m nuts, but I love to look at my own journey like the gameboard Candyland. The beginning of the journey for my ideal client avatar is going to be right at the basics of aligning your brand. Whether I’m working with someone 1:1 or they are going through that course self-paced, we make sure their brand is completely aligned before moving on.

Then at the end, over where you’re getting towards where the king is. You pass the Gumdrop Forest and the place with Queen Frosting (I just loved her so much). Anyway, at the further end of the journey is going to be someone who is ready to scale their offers. They do have their own offers and are monetizing their brand. They’ve got things dialed in for automation and are ready to like to build out an evergreen funnel with their offer. They’re looking for higher level business strategies.

In between those two points are all the little “stops” along the way. The different points of the journey where I want to make sure my ICA is covered. If someone comes to me and they’re anywhere on my continuum (my Candyland journey), I know what can serve them best from what I have to offer. Or I know if we’re working together 1:1, this is the place where we will start and go from there.

Break it Down

When you are first starting to create your own offers – you’re first starting to market your own products or services, it can be helpful when you break things down into more manageable chunks, both for yourself and for your audience. You may start with a masterclass. That’s going to give your ideal client avatar a win. Something that they can tangibly take away, but it’s super valuable and it’s going to get them started on their journey. After that you want to make sure that you and your offers are that next step for them. You want to make sure that you are offering them that next piece that they’re going to need that’s in a manageable way. Of course, you can then take those pieces and package it up into a higher ticket program that includes all these smaller offers. 

The point is, if you are feeling stuck, having these smaller offers can be more doable for YOU.

My Candyland Journey

For example, I was going to offer my signature course Social Seller to CEO Academy. I knew, though, there were many women in my audience that needed the prerequisites in order to want to make that investment and work with me in the Academy. I needed to launch Align Your Brand (a self paced course with everything from their avatar to their content pillars, to their message, title tagline, their colors, their fonts, their schedule, the way they were going to monetize all those pieces), and Evergreen Your Brand (another self-paced course teaching how to set up, click by click in a simple, effective way, a website/blog for your brand).

I needed my ICA to have those basic building blocks before they jumped into SS2CEO Academy. That way they could just focus on the higher level stuff. This goes back to number 1 – having the INTENTION behind what you are doing. Make sure you are intentionally leading your clients on a journey that makes sense. Where are you going? Where are you taking your audience? Just be clear, authentic and honest with your audience about that and with yourself. It will flow so much easier if you’ve got that big picture mapped out and then the journey broken down.

In Conclusion

There you go! Those are two reasons why sometimes we can get stuck and some ideas on how we can overcome and get unstuck! Take it step by step. Do not overwhelm yourself or your ideal client avatar and it will all come together in the end! I hope this was helpful.

Again, you can listen to the full episode HERE!

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