Today we are talking about why what we focus on doesn’t always grow and how you can align your focus so that you flourish. I’m talking business, but really this translates into life and love as well. I want you to be selective of the people, experiences, and situations you give your energy and focus to because not everything or everyone is worth your time. However, I also know that it is really hard to see the forest in the trees. What do we focus on? What do we stop focusing on?

What You Focus On Grows

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘what you focus on grows’. I’ve been sitting here for a couple weeks now thinking about life, business, love and all the things. This question kept coming to my mind: ‘What if what I’m focusing on  isn’t growing?” What does that mean?

I would venture to guess that you’ve, at some point, put your focus on something or someone that just straight up did’t grow. I came up with a formula: focus minus alignment.

Focus to Flourish

If you’re focusing on something, but you don’t have alignment that yields frustration, limited growth, and stagnation. Conversely, focus with alignment leads to expansion, growth, and a feeling of ease. If it’s not what’s meant for you, it won’t flourish. Life is too short for things to feel not good for very long. I’m trying to work within myself to catch this sooner so that I can set that example for my daughter. As women who are leaders in the online space, building a personal brand and leading others around us, being out of alignment has a huge impact.

What you’re not seeing is that you’ve been growing all along. You have been expanding and seeing what you’re capable of. It’s gonna be massively impactful in your next business endeavor. You have that confidence because you’ve been creating that in yourself. You are your greatest asset in life and business, and certainly as a personal brand.

Questions for You

Now I’m gonna get into some questions to ask yourself. And I just went through this process, I’ve done it a million times and things don’t always work out the way that we imagine that it will or set out to or intend for it to, but here’s something to get comfortable with is pivoting when your intention and what’s happening no longer align. I’m about to make you get into your body and really feel this out. I have three questions:

  1. When you think about your body, relationship, business, way of building your business, a situation, etc., how do you feel? When you sit down to work, when you spend time with this person, when you go to sleep at night and you’re alone with your thoughts, do you feel safe, good, bad, anxious, or what? 
  2. What do you ultimately want in your relationship, business and life? What are your actual goals? List those things out.
  3. Take the list from number 2 and review the reality of how things are in that relationship, business or part of your life. Be truly honest with yourself here.

Your Current Reality

What is the reality right now? Because we cannot continue to waste our time on situations or people or relationships or businesses that are based on some sort of hypothetical potential. And I know it’s hard in business because you have periods where you’re not going to see astronomical growth, but I know that you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes we need to reality check ourselves and really write down what the reality is compared to what you actually want. If it’s very far off and you can’t see how those things can ever align, it isn’t for you. It’s out of alignment.

Focus On Alignment

If you do figure that out that you are out of alignment in some area of life, as I have more recently, then you’re left with making moves to align to what you actually want. Now that’s exciting. Worst case scenario you’ve grown, expanded, and tested your capacity to get the things that you want to receive in life, love and business. That’s beautiful. That’s not a waste at all.

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