As a female online entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Made For More” hundreds of times. It’s inspiring to think about a larger purpose & something bigger for our lives + businesses, but I’ve found myself wondering about what my version of “more” is.

It’s changed a lot over the last couple of years, and I want to dialogue with you about that…

What’s the “more” in your #MadeForMore?

I thought that having the six-figure salary, the dream job, a luxury car, fitness on point, everything seemingly “together” would feel like success…

Like I’d “arrived” and was worthy or some nonsense like that.

Then I had all of that, and still felt hollow places that weren’t always that way.

In fact, I walked away from the salary, the job….yet found myself AGAIN in a place of seeking to accomplish/gain things that didn’t satisfy. But that’s a story for another day…

Nice things & impressive accomplishments don’t bring lasting peace.
They don’t bring lasting content.
They don’t bring lasting fulfillment.

Working for and attaining those things might gratify for a period of time, but they don’t satisfy.

They don’t make you a good person or refine your character.

And they certainly are NOT what you were put on this earth to do (in and of themselves) 💯

Over the last year, almost to the day, I’ve been on a sometimes painful journey of reconnecting with God & my spiritual nature (we all have one whether we choose to ignore or tap into it).

The new “more”

As a result, the success & “more” I’m seeking + experiencing today is totally different than even back 6 months ago.

I used to think “made for MORE” had to be BIG. More money, more followers, more recognition, more publication, a higher rank…

And if I wasn’t there yet, if I didn’t have those things, I was less than I was made for??

For some success/more might include some of those things coming along too…

But “more” can also mean living life beyond just the surface and going through the motions of our every day: mom life, marriage, job, workouts, friendships, spiritual life, etc.

“More” means interacting with the intent to leave others feeling better/more light than before their interaction with you.

Income is fleeting, but impact can resound forever.

“More” than sharing an opportunity to create additional income…but rather, co-creating a MOVEMENT and a culture that’s a force of inspiration for others to be more whole, healthy & fully themselves (what REALLY changes lives) & transcend company or product.

“More” than saying what you’ll do and not following through, but rather showing up for others with excellence DESPITE personal setbacks.#constant

“More” can mean deeper connection with your child. Looking into her eyes more than you look at your phone screen every day.

Taking focused on and doing the best work you’ve ever done out of love/inspiration, and creating impact you couldn’t on your own + that you never expected. #rippleeffect

THAT is what success feels/looks like to me these days…

That’s the “more” I’m striving for.

I’m NOT perfect but I’m aware,
in alignment, and in pursuit of success like that.

“When you’re in alignment with your purpose, things don’t matter unless they support that purpose.”


What about you?
What makes you feel successful at the end of the day?

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